Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kingman, Barstow, Ssan Bernardino...

Well, Kingman, anyway.  Eromee is hanging her hat here while she helps with all the baddies that call the outskirts and half the town theirs.  Her armor is tougher than she is.  Thank LifeNet that she is a clone and doesn't have to worry too much about dying.

Progression shows in the armor it seems.  Here is her latest look.

Can't see me, hah!

Here is a close up.  Can you tell a difference between these shots and the prior ones?  I guess I didn't have my graphics all the way up.  My laptop can handle just about anything I throw at it, so why it wasn't set higher to start is beyond me.  Glad my son told me to look!

Do you find me, beautiful?
Just because, here is a picture of the moon over part of Old Kingman.  I could spend hours just running around looking at things in this game.  Did you know that the world of Fallen Earth was taken directly from a topographical map of the Grand Canyon area?  Pretty darned cool.

Old Kingman in the moonlight.

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