Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too Busy!

I wonder sometimes if anyone is still reading this oft neglected blog.  Life has thrown me a curve ball, and I'm dealing with it the best I can, which means something had to give.  As I am unwilling to give up my fantasy world I escape to daily, the blog has suffered.  I'm not going to quit, but I thought you all should know that updates are going to be rather scarce.

Into the Bastion of Twilight

If you have visited the main page, you'll have noticed my character feed for Delgada is broken.  Yipes!  This is not horrible, and I will fix it shortly. I ran up against the problem of too many priests and not enough tanks in my main guild, KNR, so I server transferred Delgada to Eredar to hang out with an old flame.  The new guild, Wrath and Redemption, is a great one, and have whisked me into raiding, despite my low gear score.  Last night we downed Halfus in the Bastion of Twilight and got in several good attempts on Valiona and Theralion.  I'm sure that we'll get it tonight.  Just before our last two attempts my client disconnected, and when I logged back in, all my key bindings were gone.  I healed our last two attempts from the spell page!  Still, I think we got them down to 80%, so I am looking forward to another fun night tonight. I am more prepared than I was last night (who knew they would drag my lowly butt into a raid so soon!) as I now have Deadly Boss Mods installed and my other mods updated.  Tell me, any raiders reading this, is it still necessary to be running Omen? I have it installed, but I find I'm not using it. 

Delgada has been spending the rest of her time on the server doing dailies and digging for artifacts.  She has found quite a few interesting things, even if they are mostly toys.  She has uncovered a dig in Uldum, however, that is bringing up pieces of a ring!  I might be a little more excited about this if it had some spirit on it. Still, at this point in the game, Delgada is behind the gear curve and ahead of the raiding curve.  I don't think I have ever raided so early in an expansion!

While doing dailies, Delgada has managed to make friends with a few other people in other guilds, who seem to have the same altaholic tendencies as I do.  Eredar is shaping up to be a friendly and more evenly balanced server than Smolderthorn could ever hope to be.  I'm a little sad that KNR has to be there.  Thank goodness for Real ID.  I'd probably never have even thought of transferring had I not a way to chat with them after the move.

My Favorite Pet Spell, Ever!

In other news, My wizard Rowan Trollstalker is closing in on the old level cap of 50, and has finished Mooshu!  She spends most of her days in her garden, since I haven't got any crowns to unlock Dragonspyre yet.  I may finish out Grizzleheim before I head out there, just because I have some areas unlocked there that I haven't touched. 


Anonymous said...

Old flame? :)

ShawndraKai said...

:) Anonymously ask such a question? I have very fond memories of our time together, and just a touch of regret that it didn't last longer. I am happy to have bumped into him again, and am enjoying catching up!