Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surprise Box Of Fun!

Those of us that collect UDE points (you know who you are), will be interested to know they have a new item to spend our hard earned points on. This!

I am 2 UDE points cards away from this box of surprises, and cannot wait to get one. Cross your fingers for me? I don't want the Path of Cenarius or another Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit kicking around in my already overfull bags. I want a pet!

Update! Hubby had to grab a few things at the store and brought me my points. In between dicing onions and chopping cilantro I turned in the cards and ordered my box. In between setting the condiments on the table and shredding the taco meat I logged in Delgada and sat her on the end of the dock in Ratchet to wait for the boat. In between tacos, I managed to hit the boat, walk to Landro, and turn in my code.

I sat there for a good 30 seconds, hoping the random number generator was feeling like doing me a favor. It rewarded me with something I didn't have...

Yep, that right there is a stack of flowery footprints. Path of Cenarius is a cool toy that lasts 5 minutes, and you get 50 of them. I really wish I had got a pet. I really only want the kite! Maybe next time...

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