Tuesday, April 7, 2009

31 Days...

I have decided to go ahead and try and make this blog better, and have enlisted the help of Problogger and his 31 days to a Better Blog series. My first assignment is to create an "Elevator Pitch", or rather, a quick something to make someone want to look further into what my site is about.

I've never really "pinned down" what I write about here. So, here is what I think I have here in this mess of a blog.

  • Altitis. A very bad case of altitis has me switching characters every once in a while. Lately, my focus has been on priests. That could change, since I also have a rogue, warrior, shaman, mage, warlock, and paladin all within a few steady weeks of hitting 80.
  • Exploration. Not just in the sense of, "Look I've seen all the land masses, and I've visited the dancing troll village!". But in the sense that I explore other things. Fashion, travel, relationships, role play... There is a little of everything in here.
  • Family and how they affect and effect my game play. They effect it by allowing it. They affect it by what interrupts it :)
  • Random real life and internet fun. Because we all need a real life!
So, I guess my elevator pitch could be:

Escapist Scrawl is an altaholic's view of the World of Warcraft, interrupted by children, husband, and the ever present Stumble Upon button!

Maybe? We'll see. I may need to think more on this.

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