Monday, March 2, 2009

Shadow Priest Kindergarten - Prologue

What stats do I need, and what do they do?

What talents should I choose?

What glyphs are best for me?

What sites can I visit to find gear shopping lists and more in depth studies to improve my performance in raids?

These are questions I've been asking myself recently. My guild has too many healers for the one ten man group they are running, but not enough tanks available to make another group. When people advertise for a heroic, there are usually 3 healers vying for 2 spots. I find myself switching to an alt rather than having someone else miss out. Lately, however, the problem has been, not only too many healers, but not enough damage dealers. So, I went to my bank, picked up all the hit gear I had been saving, and headed for the Undercity to change my talent specialty.

Delgada was a raiding shadow priest during Burning Crusade, going holy only in the expectant few months before the Wrath expansion release. This allowed others to gear up alts, as many of our regular healers had taken a break to play other games, gear up alts, or had left to join guilds more progressed than ours. I know shadow, or rather, knew shadow. Things have changed since the Burning Crusade. Rotations are different, some spells work differently, some stats have gained a new popularity while others have become not quite as crucial as before. What worked back then doesn't work now! I found that out my first heroic dungeon in my blues and pieces pressed into use from my healing set, with my damage output right around 1050 per second. Dead last on my Recount meter. Back to square one. This "like new" level 80 that acts like she bought her character on E-bay. Ugh. I don't like that too much. So now is the time to educate myself, and help others as I do so!

The next post will be about what stats are desired by a shadow priest. It will tell you what each stat does for you, and what priority you should place on getting each stat. From there, I will direct you to a shopping list or two that I am finding useful.

Until then!


Anonymous said...

You should take a scan of and the Misery blog. Both great spots. I learnt all the basics of 70 SPr play from Shadowpriest, and then got my head around the really trippy advanced stuff by reading Misery-blog.

From the dim dark (ymmv), SPriests need hit cap, spell power, crit, haste, then stuff to help regen like mp5 and spirit. My suss was to always try to balance my spell power against the bonus from crit and haste, as sometimes a huge gob of crit is better than a small amount of spell power. But I'm sure the formulas have changed, and I suspect will change again with p3.1.

ShawndraKai said...

Thanks Andrew :) I'm still trying to figure everything out...again..and writing it down helps. I remember when the item to have was the Belt of Blasting. Things have certainly changed!