Sunday, January 25, 2009

HIT ME! Rings and Necks for DPS set (Part 2.5)

Seems I forgot those in my last post. So a quick post before I shuffle off to track down elders in Northrend, or alternately, try in vain to win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.

Borean Tundra is the place to start for your first opportunity for hit rating on a neck piece. For Alliance players, the quest line starting with Sergeant Hammerhill in Valiance Keep will take you to Gerald Green, who will work you pretty hard for a final reward of Pendant of Revolutionary Thought. For Horde players, Do a quest for a goblin in Taunka'Le village to open up a quest chain that culminates in a 5 man quest to kill three baddies in a necropolis, and when you finish, you get Chain of Vigilant Thought. They look the same? Even the same icon? You didn't think Blizzard was biased toward a faction, did you? Alliance players will be happy that they don't have to hold onto that neckpiece for long, as there is a quest in Utgarde Keep that awards Necklace of Fragmented Light. Just pick up some old Vrykul weapons for nice Defender Mordun, and it's yours. If either faction player is doing dailies in Icecrown, make sure to do this one, as it has a chance to drop an additional note to deliver that will start you on a quest chain to get Emeline's Locket, which is an excellent reward, with room for a hit gem that gives a hit bonus! After all that questing, if you find yourself in Ahn'kahet:The Old Kingdom on heroic difficulty, Prince Taldaram might drop his necklace, Necklace of Taldaram.

Now, for your fingers. The first ring available to both factions is the Bat-Wool Signet. Koltira on Orgrim's Hammer or Thassarian aboard the Skybreaker in Icecrown want you to mess around with plague cauldrons. Amberglow Signet is also available to both sides from Brann Bronzebeard, but the Alliance folks will have to fly him somewhere as an additional step after helping him make a keystone. A quest in Gun'Drak, also available to both sides, yields Voodoo Signet. Ring of Northern Tears can be crafted by a jewelcrafter that has purchased the pattern from Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran. Start pestering your local jewelcrafter for this design, and perhaps this beauty can be yours! Lastly, Krystallus in heroic Halls of Stone has a chance to drop The Prospector's Prize. I'm sure I have given enough choices that I don't need to go into green items. If you feel I am wrong and I need to do more research, please comment below, and I will release Part 2.5.2. Enjoy your travels in Azeroth, friends!

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