Monday, July 21, 2008

Greener Pastures?

I have a large amount of characters on the Horde side of the fence. Shawndra, a troll warrior, has been mothballed because a lot of my guild have brought out their own tanks, and there is rarely room for melee dps in our progression raids. Carlotta, an orc huntress, is and will probably always be, just my farmer and mixologist, as she is an elixir specialist. She does occasionally get out to play when there is an empty spot that needs a hunter, but that is infrequent. Delgada, an undead shadow priestess, had been my project, up until summer hit.

Summer comes, and my children have been increased by 3, sometimes 4 or 5 or even 6, depending on what neighborhood kids are over or if my niece is under my care. Raiding is out of the question. I really am not a big fan of doing the same battleground over and over and over, so that branch of PvP is out. Arenas are fun, but this requires more coordination that I don't have time for. So, I decided to hop the fence for the summer.

One morning, mid week, World of Warcraft loads up, and I log in. I hit the realm select screen, and look for a PvE server. Don't want a high population, or a low population. Right smack in the middle of the medium population list is Shu'halo. The name at least is interesting, so I start my character creation. Most of the races I just can't imagine sticking with past the starter zone. I decide on the most Horde looking of the bunch, and Esoterique is born. A magess, tall, dark, and sophisticated looking. I have never been able to stick with a mage past level 38. I am determined that Eso will be different. After all, she has that racial heal ability. Less dying is good!

I rip through the starter and secondary area alone. Eso makes sure to empty her bags whenever they are full, as she doesn't have much space. She gets a lucky drop, and her bag space increases, but not enough for her happiness. Once she was able, she took up herbalism and skinning, to help with her need for money. I decide, about then, that she needs a buddy to hold some of her things until she is ready to sell them, so Astaani, the draenei huntress, is born. I make sure she gets out of the starter zone in record time, and park her in the next town, ready to forward mail.

Well, Esoterique is a middle aged magess of 42 now, and Astaani is just starting her life at the young age of 23. I had a human paladin on another server that I had first attempted to hop the fence with, and since Shu'halo is feeling more homey, I brought her over to join my other two. Anselma is now a weathered veteran at the age of 52. I originally had been part of a guild called the Noobarian Adventurers, and they were a small bunch, but most of the guild were offline when I was playing. If you are looking for a guild with some fun lower level characters, this could be the place for you. I am used to a more bustling, talkative guild with lots of people in it, so I went browsing the Shu'halo forums, and found Inconceivable. They are a guild of about 200 characters, and from what I can tell, most, if not all, are 18 and over in age. They are progressing through 10 man content, and have stepped their toes into a couple of 25 men areas. And, they took my sad little retribution paladin and gave her a home. Thanks, Inconceivable, you guys are great. :)

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