Wizard 101

Rowan Trollstalker

Rowan is my very first wizard. She is currently level 53 and tending crops instead of fighting baddies in Celestia.  She is primarily life with fire as a secondary.  Her favorite spell is Centaur.  Her favorite pet is her Sea Dragon.

Jennifer Rainweaver

Jennifer is my second wizard, hanging out at around level 21 in Krokotopia.  Her favorite spell, right now, is the one that sometimes calls Lightning Bats to zap her dueling partner.Her favorite pet is her Blue Cat Thug named King Maddie, who is older than she is, with 59 points into its Epic experience bar.

Kymma Lotuspetal
Kymma is a level 18 myth wizard.  She is fond of her minions, though they are fearful to look upon.. Her favorite spell is her three pip Cyclops spell.  She has several pets, and has not found her favorite yet.  Lately, she has been running around with a wolvar whose name escapes me.

Esmee Wyrmblosson
Esmee is a level 15 pyromancer.  Her favorite spell is Fire Elf.  She likes to run around with Rowan's second favorite pet, a fire zilla. This character is also my youngest daughter's favorite to borrow, when I am there to make sure she doesn't spend my crowns! Though the Fire Zilla is her favorite, my youngest prefers her to run around with a unicorn pet.

Haley Frostheart
Haley is a level 33 thaumaturge.  Her favorite spell is Snow Serpent.  Her favorite pet is a hand me down from Rowan, a Life Banshee half breed named Princess Sam.  She has higher stats than Rowan's, and she has some frost abilities, along with extra power pip chance, making her very helpful to a young frost wizard.  She is a bit older than Haley, with 184 points into her Epic experience bar, but they get along well nonetheless.  Haley has been gardening at her tiny house, and has been seen running around with an adult christmas elf when her banshee isn't looking.

Shawna Draketalon
Shawna is a level 8 balance wizard.  Not much to say about her.  But, darn it, she is cute, isn't she?