Friday, February 1, 2013

Break's Over!

Time to punch back in.  Delgadita has been gathering cobwebs in the Lazy Turnip for a while now, and it's starting to bother me.  I got her into a level of gearing that would allow her to start in the LFR, and then didn't run any raids.  Shado-Pan and August Celestial reputations are all but untouched, and she still has a long way to go on the Klaxxi and the Golden Lotus.  She hasn't even finished working with the Anglers, and she loves fishing!

Excuses?  I have plenty.  Weekends are for the guild on Shu'halo. Anselma will tank for the guild group, and Dinnaeh the monk is sufficiently ahead of her to supply her with stone and ore for her jewel crafting.  Weekends should be enough time to play with them.  Mondays are reserved for the guys at Channel Massive.  Dinnaeh the mage is a bit ahead of her engineering, and at level 20 is just around the same level as the other toons we have been running dungeons with.  So, no need to work on her any time but Monday.  A new addition to the low level team is Djennifer (really imaginative, huh?) a draenei paladin I made to give someone a gift.  I fell in love with her and got her to 19 and her engineering up high enough to put on her first pair of goggles.  She is not a necessary toon, so no excuse there.

Delgadita has Tuesday through Friday to get some work done, and work she will.  Here is my plan of action:

  1. Tuesday - Golden Lotus and August Celestials
  2. Wednesday - Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan
  3. Thursday - Golden Lotus and August Celestials
  4. Friday - Shado-Pan and LFR
When Del has reached exalted with the Golden Lotus, I plan to make her work every day on Klaxxi in their place on the schedule.  When Klaxxi is done, then she will be working on August Celestials and Shado-Pan daily.  Since the Anglers aren't super important, I think I will just have her work on them when she has time after her other dailies, or on the weekends.  Of course, she'll still have her gardening to do.  Then there is pet nabbing and leveling.  Then Saelladrea has her auctioning to do.  She can have a little time on the weekend.

There is the short list.  I have a slightly more detailed list of things that Delgadita has been neglecting. Things like old and new achievements, holidays, and  professions.  A new transmog outfit is in need, to, even though I just love the robe she is wearing.  Hello, Friday!  Time to dust off Del and get her moving.  Yeah, right after I go play with Djennifer for a few minutes.  And then there is this thing I want to do with Dinnaeh the monk...

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