Sunday, February 10, 2013

Navimie the Poet

Navimie is really too sweet to have taken the time to write poems for every single person who wished her many happy bloggy returns.  She even wrote me one!

She's having fun in laid back raids
Achievement spam is win!
Delgadita's out of her shell
So fun it's almost sin!

She figured out that reference
'bout Lost and Diablo.
She's ready now for LFR
I'll cheer her on - GOGO!

We love you too, Navimie!  Now that this is in prose, I really had better get into that LFR I keep telling everyone I'm gonna try, someday.  For posterity, I filed this great poem here, and because my magnet wall is almost full. Thanks for the poem and the cheer! 

1 comment:

Navimie said...

:D well I hope the cheer brings you lots of loot! :D