Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Vacation Vehicle, etc.

I'm just out of the shower.  The six year old hands me a handful of beautiful weeds.  Her slightly older sister is helping her put them in a tea cup, with a little water so they don't drown.  My social butterfly, athlete and scholar is out pulling weeds with a friend in my overgrown garden, getting it ready for spring.  Laundry is being washed and hung, the kitchen is halfway clean.  One of the girls is begging me to get up from the computer to take her to pick up stuff she left at a friends house last time she slept over, and begging to stay over despite the abysmal performance in the chore and homework departments.  Son is on the couch contributing lamely to any conversation that happens.  Hubby is sporting his "Dude" robe, socks and tennis shoes, looking at some videos of people playing Skyrim and New Vegas mods.  The oldest and my granddaughter are in their private trailer, getting some quiet time.

Me?  I'm cleaning my happy place.  Hubby rearranged the desks so we would again be next to each other instead of facing each other.  Facing each other sounded like a good idea until the reality of trying to peek in between two monitors past two more monitors set in. Now, he can just turn and see me, and kiss me, and I have a clear shot at him when he irks me.  I have a basket of ammunition that is tired of missing its mark.  Anyway, I said I was cleaning. I sat down to write this 3 hours ago, and since then have managed to wash my desktop, which always looks bad because it is glass, dust my shelves and reorganize them, and add art to my wall.  I know I wonder where everyone else plays from.  Wanna see mine?  Sorry, if you said no, just flip to the next article in your blog reader. No skin off my nose. :)

The command center.

My fun corner.
I have an overflow shelf on the top of the shelves in my living area that holds more geeky stuff, and I just noticed, a complete do it yourself manual and a toilet paper roll.  Since I feel like sharing, here it is.

Get your D&D books off my shelf!  I need more space!

So what does your space look like?  I'd love to see, or even read, about where you visit Azeroth from!


Erinys said...

Mine is currently a bit of a tip. Plastic dinosaurs, a stress toy and my Windrider cub plushie are all competing for space. Stacks of notes for blog posts and reminders for things drift everywhere. I'm hoping that once we move house, I'll be able to keep my desk looking neat and tidy.

Also is that an inflatable Frostmourne?

Jeni Morton said...

That picture is a fantasy land, really. Two days later I have added a couple empty soda cans, some unopened mail, an crumpled ad from a fast food place, and various sized valentine candy boxes.

Yes, that is Frostmourne. I opened the small little pouch it has been living in for years just before I took that picture. Why have something if you're not gonna play with it?

Leiandra said...

Is that some Wow tcg cards? How have we not talked about this before? Lol.

Jeni Morton said...

Some? Up on that top shelf are three folders jammed full, 3 card boxes full, and, yeah, several prettier boxes full on my toy shelf. Hubby likes to buy me a treat every so often. I haven't got many toys from them yet, but I love the art.