Sunday, February 24, 2013

Been Waiting A Long Time For This.

Last night was a whirlwind of old raiding for Delgada and most of the members of Void Where Prohibited. I logged in around 4:15 to find they were getting ready to kill Lord Jaraxxus for the daily quest in Trial of the Crusader to get some lower characters some justice points.  The guild had decided that they would be going for a few Wrath of the Lich King Raid achievements, and some of them required level 80 characters.  The plan is to gear up and stop experience gain on some qualified characters so that everyone has a chance at these achievements.  So, justice points would be needed for gear, and all the stuff no one wanted was disenchanted by me to add to the growing pile of materials in the guild bank.  Anyhow, Del ran around with them, then I pulled in Carlatta from Cenarius to run another.  The achievements started rolling in.

From there, they decided to run some trash runs on the Icecrown Citadel to gain some reputation with the Ashen Verdict.  After a few runs, they decided to see how people were progressing with their Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement.  Before last night, my progress was pretty bad, with only maybe 4 of the requirements complete.  We ran all but the Lich King fight on heroic, and the only achievement I have left to complete is Full House, while some still need half of the Once Bitten achievement.  The raid went pretty fast, achievement spam flew after every boss fight, and Delgada gained the title "of the Ashen Verdict" after killing  Deathbringer Saurfang.  After defeating Sindragosa, everyone left the raid so it could be reset to regular so we could try for the achievement Been Waiting A Long Time For This.  Now, our first attempt with a group that consisted of a bear tank, a warlock, a hunter, a shaman, and Delgada running as discipline.  There just weren't enough heals with only Del healing, so we looked into our Real Id friends to find help.  I love my friends!  A friend from my original WoW guild on Smolderthorn came to help on his warrior, and a friend from Delgada's first transfer and guild on Drak'tharon brought his level 87 priest, who also ran as discipline.  The idea of this fight is for the damage dealers to stand and look pretty at one point just out of range of the mobs.  Another point in the center of the room was marked for people to run to when they got necrotic plague, and when they got there I would dispel it and they would run back, until such a time where the tank called for people to add their plague to his.  Then, when they were infected, they would run to him and I would dispel them there, and they would run back.  This continued until he had thirty stacks of the plague, then everyone went all out on damage.  The first attempt without my friends, and the second, I found I was running out of mana just after DPS kicked in.  So, no heals, we wiped.  With the extra help at heals, we just made it to the end, with the tank as last man standing.  When King Terenas Menethil resurrected us, the screen lit up with achievements!  Here is the proud group standing near Arthas after the fight.

The End.

That was the end of that fight, but not nearly the end of our evening.  Next, we did the Sartharion(25) fight with three drakes up, which took all of maybe ten minutes, netting most of us not only the Twilight Zone achievement but also the Gonna Go achievement, too.  The warlock won the drake, only to find he didn't have the right level flight to learn it. so he spent the time it took for us to travel to the Eye of Eternity stealing from his alts to get the money.  Malygos fell really fast, and Delgada finished the Champion Of The Frozen Wastes achievement, as well as You Don't Have An Eternity and A Poke In The Eye.  After that, we traveled to Blackwing Lair, where many got transmogrification pieces and achievements.  Then, we went back to Icecrown to run the Trial of the Crusader, which got many of us even more achievements. Finally, we left Northrend to run back to Kalimdor to slay Onyxia.  I had tried to solo this a while ago, to no avail.  I think it was set to 25 player when I tried, and was the reason I was unable to complete it.  I think after running this for the first time in a group that I will probably be able to do this alone, on ten man difficulty.

Busy night!  More importantly, Delgada and I are happy in our new home with people who are fun and like to do things together.  I have been missing this for a long time, and look forward to our next runs. Thanks for the fun, Void Where Prohibited!  Let's do it again really soon.


Navimie said...

Damn it! I missed you again /grin

Jeni Morton said...

I almost asked if you wanted to join us for that Lich King kill. :) Maybe it will be easier to catch me this week!

Ysharros said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Glad to hear it - and apols for not being around on Icecrown. RL + February bleahs, I think. :/