Saturday, February 2, 2013


Djennifer and her homeboy, Velen.
Yes, I let Djennifer woo me away for a short time from my list.  To be fair, though, Delgadita is not ready for LFR, even if her gear score shows she is.  I went to MR Robot and followed his recipe, only to find I had put the Ruby Slippers on Del when I was in Karazhan.  So, I traded them for my crafted PvP slippers and did the stats on them like he told me on all the others; change the mastery for haste. Why? Because, OMG, haste!  I'm so far away from the soft cap that I should just roll in a pile of haste and shower in haste afterward.

Now, MR Robot wants me to take the stat fix off my neck, change another, and he is insisting on a belt buckle and gem, a hella pricey staff enchant, and the purple form of shoulder and leg enhancements.  MR Robot can bite me.  Seriously.  I'm just gonna throw away those items anyhow.  I'm rolling in Elder Charms.  Try and make me do it MR Robot, try it.

Well, after I fixed my gear last night, I visited a link MR Robot gave me to check my talents and glyphs and rotation and consumables.  I had the rotation down, sort of, but added in the Mind Spike talent to increase my damage.  I had nowhere to go but up.  I bought flasks and potions but the food, well, I couldn't make it and no one had it on the auction  house.  Guess what I did last night?  No, I didn't run LFR, and I didn't do any dailies, guess again.  Yes, I worked on the farm and did my silk cool down, but that is not what I am talking about.  I went and farmed Mushan Ribs and fished up Reef Octopus.  I traded in all my cooking monies for 100 Year Soy Sauce and Juicycrunch Carrots.  I am one Banquet of the Pot away from mastering the Way of the Pot, so I can make the food I need to eat before I melt things.

My Szechuan Chicken getting in the way of a perfect picture, again.
The house was quiet, I was in Krasarang fishing up Reef Octopus.  I went over and dropped a Mimic Octopus in Nat's lap, then went to the Dread Wastes and killed many Mushan in the name of being a whole shadow priest again.  It wasn't easy, but I am committed, or should be anyway.  Maybe tonight will be the night Del dips her toes into LFR.  I did read the raid guides on the fights in Mogushan Vaults.  I should be fine.



Tome of the Ancient said...

Hope it all goes well! Good luck!

Jeni Morton said...

Thanks, Tome! Looks like I have some farming to do for my food, so LFR will have to wait until ? Maybe next Saturday, as Friday is Meetup night!

aygaren said...

Good journeys with the LFR!
That "pricy staff enchant" is a headache to make as well. Dufits' not sure he can even make anything making the enchant.