Friday, February 1, 2013

How Do You Not Know Me?

But we spent all that time together in Dustwallow....

Hi, my name is Delgadita.  We met a long time ago, back when I was about 40.  You even gave me your fishing pole.  See? How is it you don't remember sending me to the corners of Kalimdor and even to the Eastern Kingdoms for rare fish?  OK, I get it, you like to drink almost as much as you like to fish.  Are you trying to tell me you were so drunk when you gave me your pole you don't remember?  Was that even your pole?  I'll bet you just sent me off to get me out of those luscious brown wavy locks of yours.    You didn't even expect me to get back to you with all the fish.  But I did.  So you gave me some random fishing pole off the rack, probably an abandoned pole from a forgotten girlfriend.  That would explain the pink fishing line and the shiny tackle.  Maybe it was Jaina's spare fishing pole?  I feel like I've been had.  I bet you won't even remember me after I fish up the load of rare fish it takes to make you my best friend.

Aww, heck, I'll try anyhow.  Undeath hasn't changed my appreciation of a handsome man.  This time I'd better get better than sloppy seconds, though, or I'll make you spend undeath with me.  Oh, and here is that Mimic Octopus I found.  Catch you later, Nat!

No, really, I didn't want to know.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one laughing at his name. .. :D