Saturday, February 9, 2013

Need A Little Magic.

This whole last week I have logged in, taken a whole hour or more to do my farming, all the while falling asleep at the keys.  I have accomplished next to nothing with Delgadita.  I went on the instance run on Monday on Dinnaeh the mage.  Yeah, that is about all the meaningful gaming I did this week.  My daughter, however, managed to nab the One Man's Trash achievement, caged a few more battle pets, and bought a dancing bear for us.  Oh, and got us the Double Agent achievement.  She got her little gnome shadow priest to 90 on Tuesday.

Too short to see over the saddle.

So, I felt I needed to contribute in some way to this effort that is really my account.  Today, I managed to get my farming done with only a little running off the plot with the plow.  Then, Delgadita did her Golden Lotus dailies and turned in an old archaeology daily.  While there with the Lorekeepers, she managed to finish several artifacts, including a Tol'vir sand castle.  One of the artifacts was pristine, so she displayed it.  Then, she went back to the Temple of Two Moons to turn in her lesser coins for elder coins, and got her quest to start her dailies with the August Celestials.  She finished those, then headed for the Darkmoon Fair.  Like always, she forgot thread, dye, and flour, so she finished what she could, went back and grabbed those, turned those in, then realized she had to go back again for fossil fragments.  Agh!  She gathered those, doing all the Kalimdor trainers along the way.  She finished, fought Brok to complete that step in her pet training quests, then went back to turn in the fossils and the dust she forgot to turn in.  Then, she went back, trounced the Uldum master pet trainer, and went back to Orgrimmar to get her next step; Pandarian trainers.

Courageous Yon is hard to find, on the high part of Kota Peak.

Phew!  What I am noticing as Del completes each trainer is a severe lack of a magic pet in her lineup.  When she needs something magic, she has been leaning, perhaps a little too hard, on her rapana whelk and it's ooze touch.  It hits hard enough, but it's only one attack, and some fights last a little long when the other side has a heal. That, and she had been leaning on lower level aquatics to go against the elementals she faced.  Until this battle...

Another  core player at max level!

So, yeah, none of my pets have names.  I feed them, I bandage them, I kiss them and take them for walks, but I just can't seem to find a name that fits.  Eternal Strider is 35 now, which means now I can work on a magic pet, and an elemental pet, and a dragon, and and and...after I finish this round of tamers.

That Hedgehog HURTS!

Which may not happen tonight..



This guy has kicked my poor clockwork gnome (I have been kicking around naming him Norm after my dad, the handiest guy I know) up and down and those quills are hard to get out!  So, I think I will send Delgadita home to the Lazy Turnip with an industrial strength pair of tweezers to salvage Norm so he can come back for another round.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  My anniversary is in a few days and we are having a hard time scheduling our dinner out.  WoW might have to wait a day or so for the boy's birthday, a niece's birthday, and dinner out at Claim Jumper.

So, goodnight Azeroth and Earth!  Maybe we'll run into each other again soon.  Like maybe a Meetup?  Our group is thinking about scheduling another day a month for TCG fun!  Look us up as the Inland Empire World of Warcraft Meetup group on  We'd love to have more people to chat with!


Navimie said...

There isnt time for you to do any more things in a day! How do I keep missing you, I wonder?

Jeni Morton said...

I wonder... :)