Friday, February 22, 2013


Townlong Steppes is beautiful.
Delgada has been doing a lot of dailies lately because of those silly charm bracelets.  Oddly enough, I am not complaining about it.  Once I finally finished the Golden Lotus, dailies started being fun.  I really hadn't dipped more than a toe into the August Celestial dailies, so my one encounter at the Cradle of Chi-Ji wasn't memorable.  Happily, when I have had time to do their dailies these past two weeks, I have been sent to the Temple of the White Tiger.  I love that story! Last night, Delgada managed to finally face every challenger the temple had to offer.  I love the Street Fighter theme that area has going for it, and I do the count down and the "Fight!" yell in my head every time I start a duel there.  Then, I try to lower my voice to match the "Victory!" exclamation Xuen says after I win.  My kids think I am crazy, and hubby just rolls his eyes.  Has anyone lost a fight?  I wonder what he says then.

Shado-Pan was not a faction I was looking forward to leveling, mostly because it was just another set of dailies.  I didn't know I would have so much fun hanging out with them every day!  The day before yesterday I chose Fei Li to quest with me, and I smiled every time she said, " Burn Baby, Burn!"  Yesterday, Fei was out doing laundry or something, so I chose Chao the Voice.  Not quite as entertaining as Fei, but still nice to have the company!  I noticed there is an achievement to do 15 quests with each companion.  Can't wait to see what the others are like, as I am many unlocks from having all of them to choose from.  I can see that I won't be forgetting to run these dailies anytime soon, just because I am excited to see who I get to hang out with next!

The Sha Pinata.
While I was in between August Celestial dailies and Shado-Pan dailies, someone called for a Sha of Anger group, and Del joined in.  Del got her tier gloves, and some gold.  The last time she did this, she got gold, and gold, and the quest boots.  So, Del is two for two in upgrades from the Sha.  I was informed by a guild mate that she couldn't have more than 10 of the Elder coins at any one time.  I think I wasted a turn in last week, then, because I could have sworn I had ten then, too.  Agh!  Oh well, I have to hang on to these coins until tomorrow or later, because even though I have been told to run the LFR midweek, I just haven't had the time, so I am pressed to try it this weekend before they roll out the new stuff on patch day!

Outland, ho!
I found that, after the move, Delgada wasn't on Zul'jin alone this time.  I had been playing with this guild before, and leveled an undead hunter named Ferrolina up to her mid fifties.  Why I left this one at such a weird level is beyond me.  Since this guild has unlocked all the guild reward heirlooms, I broke down and bought her the helmet and the leggings, and plan to buy her the cloak as well.  I don't really have anything against heirlooms, I just would rather spend my points on my main and money on my alts. Feeling loved and wanted, Ferrolina put on her new things and set out for the Blasted Lands.  At closing time, she made her way through the Dark Portal, and laid her head down in Thrallmar for the night.

Ferrolina seems to be on her way to taking over as Del's support character.  On her original server, Smolderthorn, Carlotta was the alchemist that made all her potions and flasks.  She hasn't had a helper like that in a while, and Ferrolina is right where she needs to be in her professions, as she also met with her herbalism and alchemy trainers last night and picked up her new recipes.  I am relatively sure that Delgada will be on this server for at least the year, so Ferrolina will have to step up, because I am tired of not having a helper!

I just looked at the clock and, whoah, I have to get to work.  Make sure to stop and smell the roses, whichever world you choose to live in today.  Happy Friday!


Navimie said...

I listened to you on TNB.. You were so cool! Thank you for the tips on where I can find you /hug

Jeni Morton said...

Oh, digital hugs are the best! I look forward to running into you someday! *squeeze*