Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovely Charm Bracelets And Other Nonsense.

"I'll bet we can't sit here forever."          "You're on."

Since the beginning of this "Love is in the Air" holiday, Delgadita has been doing her dailies religiously.  Why?  Because she needs Lovely Charms.  The only way to get them is to carve them from some dead thing that was possibly strong enough to kill her.  Why waste the effort?  The last few days, the Golden Lotus and the August Celestials have given her enough opportunity to get the charms, but not today. Today, Del had to do Shado-Pan as well.  There was a quest to kill Deathtalker Corpsedefilers that came with  their own entourage of lower hit point ghosts.  Just like the daily the Golden Lotus give to kill spirits, these also have a chance to give charms.  I had enough to make almost two extra bracelets, which means a head start on tomorrow.  Good thing.  Del needs a rest, and I am going out for an anniversary dinner and movie date!

Sitting still, hoping for a nibble.

Del is also fishing up a barge full of fish to finish off her cooking. Redbelly, Salmon, and Shrimp are on her list, but she's hitting every pool in hopes of maybe finding something slimy to impress Nat with.  Tonight, she fished up enough extras to buy a few soy sauce and found two special fish for Nat.  Sure, Valentine's day is gone away, but perhaps she'll be in line for the next romantic holiday.

Why am I grinding out bracelets?  Why am I running the instance daily?  Didn't Delgadita finish the achievements for all the holidays?  Yes, she did, but there is a new mount and another mount that we must have.  So, instead of looking for romantic corners of Pandaria to put down a romantic picnic basket and have a date with your pixelated lover, Delgadita is busy melting faces and carving out "lovely charms".  Eww.  Seems to be right up her alley, even if she cringes when she gives one to Garrosh.  She did find one pretty little secluded place, near where Kun Lai Summit meets the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  No basket needed, as it seems someone already set the place for a sweet little spot of tea.

A little overgrown, but so secluded!

Earlier in the week, Del managed to get invited to a Sha massacre.  That guy had no chance of slithering away, and I do believe the Alliance was busy feeling Varian's biceps or tittering over how lovely Jaina's new hairdo is, because they didn't even try to wrest his attention away from our mighty army.  Del got mind controlled once, and her damage was 12th, which makes her mediocre.  Still, he went down, and both loot rolls got her some pocket change.  I am very much looking forward to the promised changes in the looking for raid loot kits they have promised.  I don't think I could bear spending quality time in a raid and getting chump change.  Anyhow, Del got a nice pair of boots, though, so she really cannot complain too loudly.

In still other news. Dinnaeh the panda mage has until Monday to reach level 30, so she can run instances again with the guys from Channel Massive.  Last week was a lot of fun, as always, and I have decided that the only way I win in battlegrounds, of which we did Warsong Gulch, is to try and top the deaths list.  Not killing blows, deaths.  Dinnaeh died 16 times in that battleground, and won the category.  Huzzah!  We ended the night in Gnomeregan, and I will leave that to your imagination how a rag tag group of heirloom-less, just old enough to enter mostly panda group fared in that nuthouse of an instance.  The latest episode should be up by the end of the week, just in time for another Monday dungeon crawl.  In the meantime, check out their coverage of the Neverwinter beta!

I leave you all with a Valentine screenshot of  Anselma at the Darkmoon Faire.

Olive Ya!  

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