Monday, February 11, 2013

The Suitor

Be Mine?

Delgadita's favorite place and a rose, this fella has it down.  Now, if only he were undead.  I suppose that can be arranged...

I wanted to do a transmog outfit for Valentine's Day.  I actually wanted to do several, and a few more may come, but this shirt caught my eye.  At first, the outfit was turning toward the Firelands for some heroic pieces, but I wanted it to be accessible to almost anyone, so I searched.  WoWhead has a color search option, but it is very difficult to use.  I then found World of Wardrobes, and I was set.  They have a search by color, by type, by slot.  Fabulous!  Much easier than paging through hundreds of different gloves for one unique pair!

I've been waiting for hours!

Here he is standing so that you can see his whole outfit. Now, for your shopping list, if you want to recreate it.

  1. Encarmine Spaulders or Hide of the Lone Hunter or Hive Controller Mantle. These are all quest rewards from different but equal level zones.  Easy to get, unless you are under level.  Which would make the rest of the outfit harder, still.
  2. Songbird Blouse.  This drops from a rare boss in Stratholme.  He doesn't aggro unless you stomp his toe, and he also drops a nifty trinket.  Chances are good that, if he drops the shirt and you are grouped with someone, you will be the only taker.
  3. Triggerfish Girdle or Earthmender's Sawfish Girdle or Tigershark Belt. All from equal level quests.  The last two have options for Horde or Alliance, so check for the other side if the link steers you wrong.
  4. Gruffscale Leggings drop from a non elite rare spawn in Un'Goro Crater.  There were a couple other with the same look, such as the Singed Pants and another that are no longer in the game, but as you can see, this is the only viable transmog option still available.
  5. Taldaram's Soft Slippers. Regular or Heroic version look the same.  I chose these because they have the same colors as the belt.
  6. Gloves of the Fang. See how the sleeve on our handsome model seems to have changed with these gloves equipped?  I thought these would hide nicely under the sleeve, and they may, I only have the model viewer to trust here.  Have you seen how a sword is sheathed on this thing?  Either way, these gloves win in my book.
  7. Mantle of Desire, Doubt, Fury, or Patience.  These all are rewards for saving Thrall with Aggra's help.  That upon turning this in you get to witness Thrall and Aggra get married is just icing on the cake.
  8. Penelope's Rose . Sadly, this is the only transmog available rose in the game, that isn't anymore.  If you kept this rose from an old quest in Scholomance, you are a lucky person.  If not, you'll have to settle for Suntouched Flowers or even vendor flowers.
Now, all you well dressed fellas.  Go out and get your girl!

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