Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great Episode! Great Show!

I am writing this after only having listened to half of the latest episode of Tauren Think Tank.  Episode 38 is a great episode that I highly recommend.  Their guest, Mike Langlois, is a psychotherapist who also loves video games and recently wrote the book "Reset: Video Games and Psychotherapy".  For a few episodes before, Rem and Jules asked for questions for this show, and as a result, it is rather long, but full of helpful information. 
I have a son who loves video games probably more than I do, and I have been concerned for a while that maybe the amount he has been playing would be detrimental to his social development.  For Christmas, I bought him a headset to use for school, and as a bonus, he can use it while playing whatever multi player game he fancies on his computer.  Having listened to this episode, I am stuffing away some of my worries, because even I know that MMO games are social in nature. I have noticed him talking to other players, so me worrying that he won't be able to deal with other non pixelated people is silly.
I have a daughter who spends the bulk of her time online.  Tumblr, Tiny Chat, and Ustream are some of her haunts.  I know now that I should not worry about her lack of "real life" friends, because she has plenty of them.  She just can't touch them.  I think I am OK with that...REALLY OK WITH THAT.  One grand kid before I turn 40 is plenty.

So, anyhow, short post to tell you that you must listen to this episode, if not every time they put out an episode. The Tauren Think Tank is an awesome show.  


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