Monday, January 7, 2013

Laid Back Doesn't Mean Easy!

Throne of the Four Winds.

Last night Delgadita got to finish some level 85 raids, courtesy of the Laid Back Raiding crew.  Last time Del saw Throne of the Four Winds, she was level 85, and just barely geared for the raid (probably under-geared).  She tried  twice, failed both times, and left it at that.  I'm glad it was such a cake walk at 90.  I found my favorite part of the raid was being able to fly around and look at everything after the raid was over.  The raid setting is so beautiful, how could anyone not want to take screenshots.  I took a few.  Here's another.

Just because that raid was a cake walk does not mean that the next one was.  Our fearless crew chose Blackwing Descent at the next raid to attempt.  Most of the raid went smoothly.  Del was healer for both raids.  In this one, you definitely need more than one for some of the encounters.  Especially for the last one.  Del hasn't healed anyone but herself in a very long time, and it showed.  To be out-healed by a death knight was very shameful.  Granted, she outlived us all, taking down the final add before engaging Nefarian and taking him down to less than half his health before she took a dive.  The third time was the charm, with a little reorganization by our paladin leader, I died crossing from one pedestal to another, but four of the group stayed up and finished off Nefarian, giving me another achievement for the night.  So I'm one expansion behind.  So what?

Names were scrubbed to protect the innocent, or the guilty.  Del is that sad dab of darkness in the middle of the screen, hanging precariously from the edge of the pedestal.  This screenshot is the second attempt by one way overpowered death knight at taking on Nefarian alone.  Show off!  

Finally!  Some cool pieces dropped for transmog lovers, and I got enough maelstrom crystals to replace the Enchanted Lantern I keep giving away.  If you are reading this and you don't have one, leave me a destination server in the US and a character name in the comments or in my G-mail, and I'll ship one to you!  

I am looking forward to the next Laid Back Raid.  I have way too much fun hanging out with great players from all sorts of different servers.  I am also looking forward to the next Inland Empire Meetup for WoW players.  Interested?  We'll be at what used to be Pat and Oscars on Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino Friday night the 11th  at 7 PM.  We'd love it if you could join us! 

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Tome of the Ancient said...

Thanks for the screen shots since I missed LBR to attend football watching that turned out to be horrific. Should have known to stay in Azeroth, lol.