Sunday, January 13, 2013

Re-rolling, and Other Stuff

Yeah, it's not great. So sue me.

I rediscovered a level 70 ish paladin I had made quite a while ago, and thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a plate wearing healer?  Things have changed so much that, even though I tossed all her dps and tanking gear, I looked at her talent specialty and drew a blank.  What do I choose?  How does she work?  I didn't think I could learn what I needed to know from that level.  So, I left her, talented but probably not the right way, clad in intellect and stamina gear, hanging out in the cold bar in Northrend where I found her.  Poor, sad, Anselma.

This past Friday's Meetup was a blast!  We had 6 people show up, and we chatted a lot about transmogging, raiders who stand in snot, played with our armory apps (they do funny things when the signal is low!), showed off pictures of kids, talked about jobs, and threw well meaning insults at the those who played the opposite faction.  Yeah, I straddle the fence, but my loudest hurrah is "For The Horde!".  I'm still trying to find more people in the Inland Empire (Riverside, San Bernardino) area to join us.  Next month we are probably going to meet at Portillo's Hot Dogs in Moreno Valley, unless we fall back to our old stand by of O's American Kitchen (formerly Pat and Oscar's) in San Bernardino.  Friday, February 8th  at 7 pm is our next meet.  We'd love to meet even more new people!

As a result of the meetup, we convinced a new member to roll horde with us.  Turned out she had already jumped the fence once and had a guild all set up, so she invited us in to a fresh new guild called Hostile Take Over.  She booted all the old characters, set us up with invite privileges  and we started out on several blood elves and one troll.  I decided I would try out a paladin again, and see if I could ride out my "never past 30" blood elf problem.

We have a ready made instance group set up, With a monk and a paladin, a priest, mage, and hunter.  I said I would tank if needed, but that  may change if the monk decides she doesn't like dps.  I took up jewelcrafting and mining so we would have one of the skills everyone can benefit from covered, and today Anselma of the Horde sits at about 50 skill in both, with all the secondaries at least trained, and at level 14, just ahead of the others.  Looks like we might hit the instances tonight!

Got any tips for a semi-noob paladin?  I am really loving Avenger's Shield.  With all the mining I have done, most of the mobs I am questing to kill only need a judgement to finish them off.  What fun!  Oh, and we now have a level 2 guild, all in one night.  Any tips on power leveling a guild are also welcome.  I look forward to your comments!

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