Sunday, January 13, 2013


In the paladin training room, for no reason at all.

Today I spent a lot of time dawdling.  I am a pretty fast 1-40 leveler.  I am hanging on to 19 by the skin of my teeth.  I really should just bite the bullet and go buy a reprieve from Slahtz in Orgrimmar so that everyone can catch up.  I burned through 15-18 in a few eyelash flutters, and from 18 on I said I would mine and work on jewelcrafting, which I did.  Still, I ended up killing some things, because they got in my way.

Lament of the Highborne.

But I had to turn in this quest. I Had To!  It's been months since I have seen this quest end, and I sat there and sang along, badly.  Then, I had to do the fishing and cooking dailies.  Yes, I did.  Then, I decided I was going to go mine ore in Tirisfal Glades, for money and for crafting.  So, I did.

Guess whose tomb this is?  Winner gets whatever crafted pet I have that they don't have.  That includes archaeology, as I happen to have an extra Voodoo Figurine that I am willing to part with.  No, my level 25 clockwork gnome is not up for grabs. Sorry.  

While I was in Tirisfal, I happened upon a young scrub who had lots of new questions.  Seems he had only picked up the game a few days ago, and didn't know much about it.  Being that I was new to the server, I wasn't able to be so helpful that it ruined the game for him, but I handed him a couple extra 6 slot bags and 2 gold coins he could clink together in his hip pouch.  He battle tagged me, and we chatted for a while, him asking, me answering.  Spent at least 2 hours doing that.  That was 2 whole hours where I didn't go past level 19.  Go me!

The sun setting on Tirisfal was beautiful streaming through the trees.  It reminded me that the Ghostlands were waiting for me, and I needed tin.  So, I used my hearth stone and landed back in Tranquillien, ready to find some.  I didn't find too much before real life pulled me back to make sure the boy ate something that wouldn't leave him swinging from the rafters and flinging filth at us.  A real meal set in front of him, the rest finding what tickled their fancy, I set down, sent my regards to the Alliance Laid Back Raid team, and signed off for the night.  This cold is kicking my rear!  Good night, Azeroth and Earth.  More about my ventures when this cold packs its bags and leaves.

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