Sunday, January 20, 2013

Low Level Stuff

Sharing mounts across my account is awesome.  I have been leveling a new paladin on the Shu'halo server, and hit 20 the other day.  Paladins and their free riding had me using my random mount caller immediately.  I rode through Orgrimmar on a raptor to turn in the quest to join the Horde.

Anselma on her Turquoise Raptor.  Love the war paint!

"Can you buy me a raptor?" asks some random 20-ish person.  I replied in the negative, stating that this mount was earned by another character and I didn't have the reputation.  I thought there might be another reason, aside from the fact that I had about 1 gold on Anselma due to auction house binges for crafting supplies.  It occurred to me to look on WoWhead.  Sure enough, right in the item description for the Whistle of the Emerald Raptor, are the words "Binds when picked up".  Ha!  I now had ammunition.  You see, this wasn't the first time someone had asked me to go get them a certain racial mount.  I'm sure it would not be the last.

I worked hard, first on Halinka, then on Delgadita, to get the reputation required to buy all the faction mounts.  It is even easier than that now.  All you have to do is roll up one of each race and get them to first 20, then 40, to be able to learn all the mounts and then they are available account wide.  One server for Horde, one for Alliance, and you can pass all your heirloom cloth around to help them level, if you have it.

Sallaedrea and her pet.
A week or so earlier, someone tried to dupe me into selling them my pet.  I had purchased a Guardian Cub off the auction house for about 6,000 gold, which I thought was reasonable.  When I stated that I had paid so much for it and would not part with it for less, the guy tried the poor me I don't have that much gold stance.  A level 90.  In a raiding guild.  OK, raiding can be expensive.  I'm not buying the no gold stance.  I can and have made the amount I shelled out for that pet in a few days of running old raids and doing a few dailies.  I have been planting Windshear Cactus so that I can focus on pet battles and old raids so that I can still meet my daily silk cool down to try for the pets that I broke down and purchased, and I turn my silk into the BOE epic gloves and robes for extra gold.  But, I get why he tried.  The character I purchased it on was level 25 or so.  No heirlooms, because that is how I roll, err, level.  So, it makes me a noob, or at least look like one.  What really iced my cake was that a little later I see the guy in trade chat looking for an expensive weapon enchant, and that he has the gold for it.  Yup.  He was just trying to dupe me.

The guild we started leveling on Shu'halo is level 3!  With only 5 people leveling it between raiding and real life, I think we are moving pretty quickly.  Anselma, Sattinka, and Evilval jumped into Wailing Caverns today and got a guild achievement for the run, and new gear all around.  There was a very impatient hunter with us who claimed to have been playing since Vanilla and that they were 60 and an art teacher.  Woo!  That makes you better than me, yup.  That makes it right for you to pull and tank, because that is what your specialty is.  Phooey.  I have been playing almost as long and I am 40 and a lunch lady, which means I have more time to play than you...nanny nanny.  Never mind.  Still a little steamed that this person, even after having asked nicely to let me practice tanking because I needed it, continued pulling and left her pet on growl.  After the instance, we went off to level professions or to level, and I switched to Dinnaeh, my monk.  Now I have two that are mostly 25.  Keeping their professions close, Dinnaeh will continue providing Anselma with ore and stone, and whoever is closest to the auction house will divvy up the remainder.

Just needs to be named.  Awww!
That is what I have been up to the last few days.  I managed to bag an Infinite Whelpling, too!  I'm just a little bored with Delgadita, and this new project couldn't have come sooner.  Hope you are doing well in your endeavours, and I'll visit with you again soon!


Ysharros said...

Heee! I may be older than you after all. (No, that's not all I got from that post! ;)

Ysharros said...

Also - do you need more warm(ish) bodies for that Shu'whatchamacallit guild? I'm not sure how much I can commit, but I'm sure I can do a daily or two :)

Jeni Morton said...

I'm sure there is plenty of room in that Shu-whatamajiggus guild :) Shu'halo server, Horde side, name of the guild is Hostile Take Over. Dinnaeh and Anselma are me :) You should real id me though! jeni at pamedia dot com

Ysharros said...

I was just thinking about asking for that! I need to make a goblin anyway, for the pet. ;)

Jeni Morton said...

YAY for goblins! I'll keep an eye out for you.