Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm Listen-ing.

I started writing this Wednesday, and have found out since then a few things. Listen is dead, but still functions so long as you find the casts yourself and drop them in your Google reader. The search function I mention later in this article stopped working in November, so no amount of adding pod casts to my reader is going to change things.  Google stopped supporting this because, hey, they want everyone else to make podcast aggregators, or whatever they are called, and put them on their app store.

I love to listen to pod casts.  I listen to a lot of World of Warcraft pod casts  a few general gaming pod casts  a few Frogpants shows, and sometimes I go looking for something different.  Usually the something different lasts all of the amount of time it takes to listen to one episode.  Not that the show was bad or anything.  Just because I rarely remember to subscribe to it after I'm done with it.  Stitcher has been good for browsing, and if you have the data to support it, it's almost a must have smart phone application, in my opinion.  I share my data plan with my father in law, and I have been pretty frivolous with my use of it, so much that I have decided that, this new year, I would do something about it.

Stitcher is a great application to use when you have are in a free wi-fi zone, like home or McDonalds or Starbucks, etc.  Problem is, I don't have wireless internet available at work.  Not that I am expecting them to offer it, far from it!  Just that I end up using my data plan.  That is fine for a tweet or a few minute Facebook check, but for the amount of time I listen to pod casts while I am working, it is not a good idea.  Since February of last year, I have listened to 177 hours of content.  Is that bad?  I don't know.  I do know that all of that was streamed over my data plan.  That doesn't even count the days I decided I wanted to listen to music or news.  Hello, I Heart Radio.  There is another application I could not live without.  I used to stream about an hour of the Bill Handel show every morning, and some days where I just need background noise, I would stream 80's and 90's stations, and sometimes MY FM (104.3 here in the LA/Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino area). More data used.  I don't even see the bill.  I really need to do something about this data addiction I have.

Here is something I am doing to curtail some of my usage.  I am using the Listen application.  It makes a special folder in my Google Reader just for pod casts  I can find podcast feeds and add them to my reader, pop them in the folder, and it adds them to my subscription list. I  can have it only update when I am charging my phone, or even only when there is a wireless signal available.  So, I got up a whole hour early this morning and updated my feed.  I added a few shows I have been loving on Stitcher, and I think I have enough content on there for the rest of the week.

I know you all want to know what pod casts I am listening to.  I figure if I tell you what I'm listening to, you might listen, too.  You might even tell me what I am missing out on!  So, here you go, the contents of my Listen subscription folder. In alphabetical order, not in order of love, because that would be hard.  Oh, and the links are to the podcast feed, so if you want to just copy and paste it into your feed reader, you can.

  1. Channel Massive - This is a podcast about pretty much any game they want to talk about, from any platform.  I don't own and Xbox, and my PS3 is busted, so I listen with interest, but I'm all about the PC titles.
  2. Darkmoon Herald - I have Stitcher to thank for this one.  Listen has a search feature also, but I think there are not enough people using it to allow for the variety that Stitcher has to offer.  I'm hoping to change that!  This show is awesome, and my husband, who doesn't even play WoW, said he likes listening to it, too.  
  3. Hearthcast - Another WoW podcast I wouldn't have found without Stitcher, though I guess another way to find cool WoW pod casts would be the weekly podcast roundup on WoW Insider.  The hosts on this show work well together, and the show is never boring.
  4. Ladies of Leet - I have been listening to these gals since before they were part of the Frogpants feed.  They are a a good mix of life experiences, all finding time in their busy schedules to game and talk about it.  
  5. Realm Maintenance - I have to admit that I added this to my reader today after Googling WoW pod casts   I haven't listened to it yet, but I hear nice things about this cast.  It highlights other pod casts  so I'll bet my list will grow by listening to this one!
  6. Tauren Think Tank - another podcast that came up on Google.  I've heard of them, all good things, so I must listen to them!
  7. Twisted Nether Podcast - An old stand by for me.  They interview all sorts of people involved in the WoW community, mostly bloggers and pod casters  but sometimes they have add on authors and other helpful website representatives on the show.
  8. Twizzcast - I added this to my feed when I saw that Twisted Nether interviewed them on their most current podcast.  So, I'll be hearing them twice, but probably not until Friday.  
  9. Video Game Outsiders - Another old stand by for me.  Michelle and John have been on the show forever, and they have recently added a new co host, Matt.  Kyle occasionally joins them, as one of the founders of the show.  This one is about gaming on all sorts of platforms and just a bunch of fun!
  10. Warcraft Less Traveled - Apparently I was missing a lot on Stitcher, as I found this one on Google as well.  Looking forward to hearing this one, probably Monday!
  11. WoW Insider - I have been on again off again about this podcast.  It's been good when I have listened, so I added it back in.
  12. WoWphiles - I was disappointed when they stopped the show, but Pandaria seems to have been enough to start them right back up. They added a new personality to the show, but I won't spoil it for you.  Listen to them yourself!

I also linked above a bit the Frogpants mega feed thingy, because it gives me variety when I need it.  Music, books, TV, their morning show, AIE stuff, and more all in one convenient feed.  If you have any suggestions for shows I am missing, please comment below!  

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Navimie said...

Excellent choices! The only one I listen to regularly not on your list is Girls Gone WoW. But it's kind of adult. But it makes me giggle sometimes.