Monday, January 28, 2013

Low Level Transmogrification

Whew.  That's a mouthful!  Since I have been playing mostly on the Shu'halo server with my two baby blood elves, I have been itching to give them a look they could carry with them through their leveling experience.  The Shu'halo server is a rough place to do this!  The auction house is full of great outfits, if you have the gold to spend.  Anselma is a jewelcrafter, so she is only selling ore and stone she has leveled past.  That makes her enough gold to buy the ore she can't mine yet, sometimes.  Dinnaeh is a miner and skinner.  Normally, this would be a pretty good money maker, but we're trying to level a guild!  Mining supplies are sent to Anselma, skins are sent to Val, and greens are sent to Bows.  What is left?  Random bits and pieces of meat and some stone and ore that even Anselma won't take (snob).

My point?  1500 gold for a pair of boots is not happening.  I think that, even though they cannot afford to grab some items off the auction house, they are still pretty stylish.  Here is Anselma in mostly blue.


Her top, bottom, and axe are quest rewards from the Hillsbrad Foothills.  She got her helm, shoulder, cloak, and shield from the auction house for a song.  The boots, belt and gloves were looted, luckily!  Those items were consistently 1500 gold items on the auction house.  She keeps the items in her bags and mogs over replacements at the end of every session.  As a tank, she must keep up a professional appearance, right?  Her latest conquests?  Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monastery's Armory.

Dinnaeh is a monk, so I tried to keep her look simple.  She has been a blast to level, and I have been fixing her look daily as well.  She seems to replace half her outfit every session, and most of those sessions are only questing and gathering.  She got a few pieces off the auction house, but the most of her gear has been looted with a couple quest rewards.

This is what she looked like before yesterday happened.  Since then, she has replaced her weapons, and since they are not maces, cannot fix their look until the next content patch (whee!) when they promised to make all looks for one hand weapons available.  Also, she added a monk quest reward belt, which seems to go with her outfit, so she left it the way it was.  Yes, Dinnaeh is plain, as far as blood elves go, but she is hard working and strong, so she gets to stay.  She just finished Stranglethorn (except the rescue quest in  Zul'Gurub and the quest line where you turn in Fleetmaster Seahorn's head) and is trying to decide where to go next.  Feralas?  Western Plaguelands?  Maybe Dustwallow Marsh.  Maybe she will just do a few dungeons and wait for the next set of areas to present themselves.

Not bad for leveling outfits, huh?  They get to sit out tonight, as I will be running dungeons with the guys of Channel Massive with Dinnaeh, the Pandarian mage.  She won't be getting a transmogrification soon, as outifts there go for more than even on Shu'halo.  But here is a picture of her with her goggles.  I hope that isn't considered twinking!

I have been fiddling all weekend trying to get a valentine's outfit post up, but Wow Model Viewer is a little wonky, so this is what you get, low level transmogrification.  If you know of a version where the shoulders on some races aren't half their body size, let me know in the comments!  Have a great day in Azeroth and on Earth!


Kamalia said...

It can definitely be hard to get a nice Transmogrification kit together at low levels -- you've done a great job here! :D

I don't know if the shoulder bug in WMV has been fixed yet, but Draynee posted a nice workaround:

Jeni Morton said...

Thanks Kamalia! I'll hadn't to look that up. It's so frustrating when things don't work right :(

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Thanks, It sounds interesting.