Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's A New Year. Whee!

Laid Back Raid (Alliance Side).  Ugly Christmas Sweater Night!

Resolutions.  Every New Year, even if we say we don't believe they work, secretly there is something we want to change for the year.  I have several, and I will share the appropriate ones here.  

  1. Post more often.  Once a week, or twice if I try to get away with a screenshot post.
  2. Comment more often.  Blogs and Podcasts I enjoy, watch out!  I'm de-lurking.
  3. Be online less, but play more.  HUH? I find myself sitting in Halfhill asleep at the keys more often these days.  Game time will be planned!
  4. Halinka and at least one of the Carlottas to 90.  Halinka is 88, and I think Carlatta is 86. Shouldn't be too hard.
  5. Raid. Maybe even heal a raid.  Delgadita is ready for LFR!
  6. Level a paladin.  Anselma sits in Dragonblight waiting patiently. I changed her specialization to holy, and sold off all the other gear.  Might be fun!
  7. Twitter.  Time to de-lurk and join in on some of the fun conversations I have been following. (@shawndrakai is me, if you want to follow!)
  8. Pester game masters for Delgadita's true name to be returned.
  9. Help grow our Inland Empire WoW Meetup.  Interested?  Join us!
  10. More Laid Back Raiding!
  11. Fix the mess that is this blog's place on the web.  I haven't been using the tags, so the cloud only works for really old stuff.  Do I keep the cloud and fix the newer posts or ditch it all?  My banner is two expansions old now, time for a new dragon.  Do I stay as Escapist Scrawl, knowing there is a more important blog out there using the first part of the name I thought I was so clever to choose?  I really need to add a podcasts I'm listening to link area, and update my blogs I'm following area. Deadline: Spring Break.  Because, let's face it, if I don't set a deadline, it will be WOTLK on this blog for another year or more!
Got any resolutions?  I'd love to read them.  Here's to another year of prattling on about a pastime none of my friends (well, maybe one or two) really understand.  I'm so glad you all make time to visit! Happy New Year!


Erinys said...

Happy New Year and may all your resolutions last the course!!!!

Navimie said...

Happy new year! What great blogging resolutions. I don't know if I have any good blogging resolutions except perhaps have better titles to my posts so I know when I look back over the year, what the hell I was talking about! :D
Look forward to another year of fun and frivolity.

Jeni Morton said...

Sometimes I look at my titles and think, what was I thinking? Thanks for the well wishes, and for stopping by, Navi and Erinys!

Tome of the Ancient said...

I wish I'd be more organized, I just seem to kind post spontaneously with titles that make no sense and then can never find a post later.

Doubt it will happen though, lol.

Happy New Year!