Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Other Platforms.

I own a PS3 and a Wii.  The Wii gets a workout with Just Dance, Lego games, and Sims Castaway.  The PS3 was recently resurrected after the video card came unseated.  Since hubby isn't really good at the more delicate fixes, I gave it to my brother for a project and bought a new one.  Sounds a little irresponsible, but since both controllers have vanished and I got a new game in the process, there really wasn't much more spent than would have been spent fixing it.

So, after a swim meet and Panda Express last night, we decided to renew our Gamestop reward card.  We need new games!  Of course, you cannot just go into Gamestop and not buy a game!  So, I shopped the used wall and found Little Big Planet 2.  The day before the kids were playing the stuffing out of poor Sock Boy, so I figured we needed it.  I found it later in the store for 2 dollars more brand new, so I swapped it out.  I know the kids will play it into the ground, so I really needed to make sure it had as fresh a start as possible.

It's Tricky! 

Another game I found  was SSX, and knew the kids would love it.  Back when hubby and I were first married, his PS2 had the original SSX and it was a rare weekend when the music wasn't blaring over the TV speakers.  This version isn't much different in that the music is fun to listen to and the game play is much the same.

With our new system we got Uncharted 3.  I love games with a story to follow, and this one has a two player mode, which helps with the "entertain all the children" attitude I have.  We haven't gone too far into the story yet, but if it is as good as the other two, I'm sure it will get played.

I am hoping to get Rock Band set up this weekend for a jam session.  I really have missed my Playstation!  Any suggestions on games to pick up? Even two year old titles are new to me.  No, I didn't buy the Move equipment, so no gymnastics games, please!

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