Saturday, March 23, 2013

PWI: Still Beautiful.

Level 48 is where I left off in this game.  I felt under-powered.  I was tired of dying.  I ran out of mana every third mob.  Still, I planned on coming back, because I love the artwork of the game.  I love the clothes! I like the music, too, but have to turn it off if I plan to play more than an hour, because it makes me sleepy!  That said, if I need something to make me sleepy, all I have to do is put up a cat shop and leave the game running in the background for some great music!

Things haven't changed much in this game.  I was given a spirit and guardian charm when I returned, and life is so much easier with these!  They last for 24 hours, and what they do is replenish your health and mana when they hit 50%, as often as every 10 seconds.  They have a maximum amount they replenish, so it is possible to just stand and grind out monsters for hours and run it out quickly.  The time runs while you are offline, so when I logged in this time they were gone.  I did get close to level 50 with a combination of those and some fruit that granted experience and spirit points.  Progress, no matter how small, is good for me!  Oh, and those charms?  I guess characters under a certain level receive a quest daily called Fortune's Bounty that gives the charms to help catch up.  I just found that out while typing this. Yay for freebies!  The same items sell for about a dollar apiece on the cash shop.

As for combat, either my skills have improved or the mobs aren't as hard to kill.  My guess are that my skills are improving.  As a cleric, my main attack is Plume Shot.  I keep that on cool down and when my health starts dipping I use Ironheart Blessing for a heal over time.  I have many other skills, but why waste my spirit points on them?  I'll probably have to invest them in healing skills eventually, but I need a more powerful Plume Shot, especially not being in a guild and needing to solo a lot.

Storage is a tight situation in this game.  You get a limited bank, limited bag space, and more is available through the cash shop by purchasing storage stones to turn in to unlock them.  There is, however, additional bank storage to be had by collecting low level items from mobs (or buying them from cat shops).  The list is long, and without a large amount of coins or some luck grinding level 20-27 monsters, this could take a while.  I am still trying for this, because a storage stone is 3 bucks for 8 slots, or twelve to max it out at 80 slots.  A wardrobe stone, which I will be investing in, is 3 dollars for 4 complete outfits stored, and a pretty good deal.  Just doing that frees up about 8 slots in my cramped bags.  Good choice?

Another thing I hear that frees up inventory space is getting killed by a player.  Did you know you can loot players?  In Perfect World, items drop when you kill a monster and sometimes, depending on how notorious they are, from a player.  Here explains the PK system.  There are items that can bind important pieces to you, making them safe from PK.  I would suggest if you get something that is really good to bind it right away (mounts, gear, expensive wardrobe items).  Or, put them in the bank.  I won't be flagging myself for PvP anytime soon, so I feel pretty safe on my PvE server, Raging Tide.  Still, I have to expand my bank soon.  I don't want to lose my new coat!

I haven't abandoned WoW.  There is still so much to do!  Sometimes I need to change vacation spots for a few days to lose the blahs that go with doing a lot of the same things every day.  So, from Eromee in her Perfect World, here's to a great wardrobe day every day.  Make sure to stop and smell the flowers!

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