Friday, March 22, 2013

Transmog Gear On The Isle Of Thunder

There are three cloth sets that just grabbed me when I started looting them on the Isle of Thunder. I love them so much that I mogged my PvP gear into one of the sets.  Here is Delgada in most of the Faded Spirit-Wrencher set.

Apparently it's a re-run of a set from Zul-Aman, except the shoulders seem to be a re-run from old Zul-Gurub.  The shoulders and the belt shown in this picture are vendor gear and not part of the set.

The other sets available are a re-color of the one above called the Forlorn Spirit-Wrencher set and a totally different design called the Exiled Dabbler's set.  Historically, the items that pre-date these were never part of a "set", as they dropped at different levels between 60 and 85.  I am glad they made these all drop in the same area, so as to make them easier to farm.  It is a great look, though one I haven't gathered any of, yet.  Seems that others like the look as well as I do, because they are out of my price range on the auction house!

I tried to load up this set on WoW Model Viewer but could not find the set in the files.  Then I had this fabulous idea of loading it up with the old set items, only to have the model viewer tell me it doesn't support my version of World of Warcraft.  I guess I will have to be a little more on top of updating my add-ons and model viewer when we get new patches!

I have to admit I haven't looked at the other types of armor available on the island yet.  Do I care?  A little.  I have an up and coming hunter and a rogue that may need a new look soon.  They're just a little too far off to be looking at gear from the Island of Thunder.  So, until then, I leave you abruptly having only covered the cloth gear.  Have a great day exploring Azeroth!

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