Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stomping Compys Stinks, But Exploring Is Fun!

Why would anyone want to kill those cute little baby raptors anyway?  Still, Zul'Jin is a might busy server to try and do this daily on at any time of the day.  I found a way to do it while running with my friend, another shadow priest.  We sat at two spawn points and targeted each other, then spammed Mind Sear.  This way, when they spawned, we had them.  Of course, that means your partner has to be on that casting bar and refreshing it constantly, or you lose your compys to some moonfire spamming chicken moose or hellfire spamming warlock.  GRRR.

The edge of conquered territory.

Anyhow, while trying to find my way up a wall/mountain to grab a piece of a statue's hair, I approached the edge of conquered territory, and I found a cave.
Killing bad Mogu Slavers.

So I went in.  And I killed bad Mogu who were enslaving sad looking lizard people.  When I freed them, they went off and helped me kill more Mogu.  Not complaining, because the Black Prince likes me killing Mogu, I went along with it, explored the cave until I found an exit.
Exploring unvisited territory.
And then I found this cool looking door I could open.  So, I had to open it.

Open Sesame!
 You can't just open a door and not go in, right?

The Thunder Forge!?
I then decided, since something so cool must certainly have something more than just this inside, to look at my map and see where I was.

I was exploring in forbidden territory. How exciting!  I poked around a little more, just because what else was there to do after doing the Isle of Thunder dailies?  I'm in no hurry with anything else.  I have no raid to run, no gear score to meet, no professions left to cap.  I'm free to explore!  And so, I did.

Cool looking Mogu Bad Guy just waiting for someone to kill him.
Another cool looking Mogu in the way of a pet battle waiting to happen.
Just outside the cave.  Neat stuff!
So, I feel like a really bad person now, which is kind of exciting.  I didn't exploit anything to get here, just was using my familiar levitate spell on the water going around the coast looking for a climbable rock face to get somewhere else and ended up here. Outside the cave were a few summoning stones to use with those Shan'ze Stones.  Maybe that is why this area was accessible.  Anyhow, my bad girl days are over and I won't go back there again until we open it up for real.  In the mean time, I will be focusing on Domination Point and heading over to the dino island because I haven't been there yet.  That should keep me out of trouble!

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Jojo said...

That's so cool! Nice screenshots - the Mogu in the greenish armour does look pretty cool & scary!