Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Early Crops Don't Count.

See those scallions?

Those scallions are a place holder for some more leeks.  I'm not sure if I harvested those leeks before or after I picked up the follow up work order to harvest and deliver them, so I could be wrong.  The leeks already in my bag count toward the final crop count, though.  Stinking farm work.  Do you know how hard it is to clean Pandarian mud out of Del's finger joints?  You probably don't want to know.  Edit:  Bursting crops really don't count if you pick them right then and there, even with the harvest and collect quest accepted.

On another topic, do you know how many Redbelly Mandarin fish you need to fish up before you anger Krakkanon?  

That many...

...and one Flying Tiger Gourami, and about 6 crates.  Then, you get killed because you are alone, and practically naked in your fishing hat and carrying a fishing pole.  Unsuspecting, innocent Delgada, dies yet again, is raised and is triumphant over a giant fish.  Hoorah!  For her trouble she gets a fishing journal and...more fish! Fantastic.  Of course, she forgot to take a picture, but isn't the journal and the fish enough proof?  I guess Delgada will be telling her fish story for many, many years to come to audiences who will believe her as much as you do.  Even WoWhead has no link for Krakkanon  I swear it exists!  

It was THIS BIG!


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