Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something Different.

I have a human priest in a mash-up of different green items, in protest of the sameness of all that is the leveling and dungeon sets. My favorite piece that she has equipped is the Sanguine Armor. There is a set that goes with this, and I love the coloring of it, so much so that I decided this may be Delgada's next look.  Here is a screenshot of Sim-Del running on a beach in Pandaria with this set equipped, and a few accessories.

Sim-Del is wearing the Sanguine Regalia with the chest piece instead of the robe and has the Anzac Dagger in her right hand and a Consortium Crystal in her left hand. She is wearing an Amber Filigreed Shirt under it all to help tie in the shoulders and cloak.  Her head piece is hidden, but she did try on a few, just for kicks, and here are her favorites.  She may never get either one, but they are still great options!

The Firehawk Hood is only available to mages.  Does this mean Delgada cannot use it for transmogrification?  No clue.  If you are a mage, it's a great match, if not a bit fancy to go with the rest of the outfit.

The Spellpower Goggles Xtreme are a great match, if you are an engineer.  Guess Del will be going hatless, as usual.

How can you get these fabulous items?  Sanguine armor pieces drop from level 21-30 mobs in Kalimdor.  The dagger drops from level 61-71 mobs in Outland.  The offhand drops from the same mobs as the dagger.  The Firehawk Hood is sold by the Justice Quartermaster in your faction's main city.  The goggles can be made by an engineer that has a skill of at least 225.

Of course, all but the mage headpiece could possibly be found on the auction house.  Here is to a little luck and a big enough coin purse.  Have a great day in Azeroth and on Earth.  See you in game!


Jojo said...

The goggles look awesome with the rest of the gear :)

Jeni Morton said...

Those are my favorite goggles so far. My panda looks awesome in them!

Anonymous said...
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Navimie said...

Loving the orange goggles!