Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I've Been Doing: March Edition.

Look, he's smiling!
Delgada has been a busy bee these past few weeks.  You'd think that me having a spring break of two long weeks would mean I would write something on this musty old blog. I meant to, but I just couldn't find the time, what with DMV appointments and swim meets.  I wanted more play time, and I threw this old book aside to do it.  Sorry about that.  I'll try not to let it happen again.

So, back to Del.  She achieved many things recently!  This morning she gave the Klaxxi their last shipment of pumpkins, got the Wakener title and is exalted with those icky bugs.  The only reason she has to go back there is that achievement you get for running 5 quests with every buff (she still needs 4). She reached exalted with the August Celestials yesterday.  She has been running and running, and flying, and throwing shadow spells all over the place.  She has been working on about every faction she should be working on.  Since she has knocked two of them off her list, that leaves Dominance Offensive, the Sunreaver Onslaught, Shado Pan and Shado Pan Assault.  Since vacation is over, Del is lucky to get The mainland Pandaren factions done, farm, and make a bit of silk before I'm done for the night.  During vacation, she ran them all, and the ones that she wasn't exalted with yet, and joined LFR, and did some scenarios, and did some pet battling...phew! Near wore me out, that undead girl did.

Fireworks and Dancing and Drinking, Whee!
Delgada got some really nice gear upgrades, including a Sha-Touched mace.  She promptly had me look up what Mr Robot thought about her gear, and about 4,000 gold worth of gem changes and reforges and enchants later, she was almost ready for current content.  Then my friend made her a red fan to replace her umbrella, and everything needs to be changed again.  Since she is saving up for two faction mounts, she decided she was fine as is and that I could wait to fix her problems, since they will probably need changing again after this weekend is through.

Del and her Sha-touched mana fiend.
A bi-product of having run all these daily quests for everyone and their plumber is that Delgada has piled up enough cloth to do her daily silk spinning for many days to come.  She has enough enchanting materials for about any enchant she needs to place (save for the weapon enchant, that bugger is pricey!) on new gear.  She was even kind enough to place veggies and meats and fishes she found in her bags in the bank to make huge feasts for guild runs.  She has piled up about about a quarter of the currency needed to get the rodent crate for another pet (yay for pets!).  Sadly, enchanting her weapon cost her all the silk she was saving up for when she learned this pattern, and now she has to wait a while to be able to make it without spending her pile of harmony.

Still, though Delgada has been a busy little gal lately, there is much yet to be done.  My guild is looking toward running our first almost current content raid tomorrow night!  As excited as I am, real life has busted in, and I am sure I won't be able to join them, because I have family all over the place this weekend (silly me, it's Easter weekend, what should a girl expect anyhow?)  Thankfully, my sporadic raid attendance won't lose me a spot in the guild, so thanks guys, and hope you all have fun without me! Next week will be better, I promise (crossing fingers). If I have time, I promise to go do that fishing in Northrend I said I'd do to make up for not being around.  Deal?

That's all I have for now. It is about two hours past my normal bed time, and I still have things left undone that cannot wait until tomorrow.  Have the time of your life on Azeroth and Earth, and Del will join you in searching for eggs next week!


Navimie said...

yay grats on all those "chores" done! :) So... what does that leave you for April?

Jeni Morton said...

More reputation grinds, dino bones to collect and raptor babies to find. New LFR to run, and getting another different class character to 90. And, I need gold!! I have two mounts to buy and another one soon after that, and they all together cost 15k. Zoinks!