Friday, March 22, 2013

How To Dig.

Ugh.  Cymre encountered the same fun dig site Delgada found last night, in the Feeding Pits.  It is difficult to dig for artifact fragments when there are baby kunchong nipping at your ears, hands, ankles, and pretty much any tasty looking part of your body.  I think Del found the best way to dig at this site, as a priest.  The first part involves digging at an area where you have cleared the mantid away on the outer edges of the ring.  It will tell you to go into the ring to dig.  Mount up and fly to the approximate dig location and let the bug de-buff knock you off your mount.  If you timed it right, the kunchong babies will be milling around the outer edge of the pit. Dig quickly, get your prize or coordinates, dig again.  By this time the kunchong are starting to nibble your elbows.  Fear them away. Follow your dig directions or collect your prize, then bubble and run out to where you cleared  and keep running until you drop combat.  Rinse and repeat.  This works best if you have the talent that adds speed to your bubble.  Don't wait too long to cast that fear or bubble.  These guys stun!

I know this sounds sloppy, but darn it all, that dig site will be there until you clear it, and what if, what if, it has all sorts of fun extra special archaeology amber bits hiding in there?  It must be thoroughly searched and cleared!  Her next dig site was right next to the pits.  I am pretty sure someone in Blizzard Headquarters has a camera trained on this dig site to watch us kill ourselves getting our little pieces, and they are laughing their heads off watching us flail about.

Under the category of if it was hard to get it must be worth having, Del managed to dig up the pieces to this bad boy last night.

Del can't use it, and my hunter is about 20 levels shy of being able to use it herself.  If you hop over to Cymre's post she describes it in detail.  Time to level the hunter earnestly!  Del dug up the sword as well, which finishes out the rare items available in Mantid archaeology (hoping that is only a "for now" statement).  She did manage to get a pristine Kypari Sap Container, at least I think that is what it was.  When Delgada threw away the garbage and dusted off the shelf of honor, she put it down and it glowed like a lamp.  Del was a little frazzled from that dig site still, so it could be a lamp.  Heck, it could be anything.  I think she may be done with Mantid archaeology for a while.

Take some time and sit under the sap trees in Townlong Steppes today.  The pollen that falls from the branches is fragrant, and there is a cool breeze blowing today. Consider it my prescription for a much needed mana recharge. Delgada will be at the tree behind Niuzao Temple, ankle deep in the pond, fishing. She'll save a spot for you on her blanket next to the water.  Stop by and say hi!

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