Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun With A Draenei.

Halinka fighting against bad snow trolls with her new besties.
This week I have been working on getting Halinka geared up so she can hang out cross realm with some of my meetup friends.  I knew there was a quest chain that gave item level 502 boots, since I had just completed it with Delgada, so Halinka headed for Lorewalker Cho's favorite hangout, the top of Mogushan Palace. She started the quest chain by running the Blood in the Snow scenario, then it was off to do a heroic dungeon with Justsuckit and Spaminacan.

Doesn't matter the faction, I will never get the hang of this fight.
Directly after this instance, Halinka ran the next scenario, as a goblin.

I swear this dress looks good on any female character.

Another easy victory, Halinka then checked back in with Cho, who told her to meet up with someone in the Shrine of Seven Stars to gain passage to Ratchet.  Because she is naive and does anything anyone tells her to do, she met the gnome and took a transporter to Ratchet. From there she had to meet up with some SI:7 agents near Orgrimmar.  This is the closest she has ever been to Horde territory.  Thankfully, I remembered I was controlling an Alliance toon and did not take her for the scenic and rather bloody tour.  She met up with Sully "the Pickle" and some random human female, scouted around with a mechano-stealth kitty, and reported her findings.  They sent her to the outskirts of Razor Hill to speak with a troll (!!) who decided to trust her long enough to chat with Zul'jin.

She made enough of an impression on Zul'jin that he let her gather some supplies for his army, and then Chen Stormstout sent her back to Pandaria to talk to an old wise man.  She hauled his old, half crippled butt up to a shrine on Neverest where he revealed his true form, then gave her her new boots.  Hurrah!

She is still under the item level needed for the raid finder, but she has three purple quality items, which makes me feel a little better.  Hanging out in the Barrens seems like a good idea in case she gets a drop she can use, all the while using the heroic dungeons to their fullest.  I'm hoping when summer finally happens for me that she will be ready to play with my friends!

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