Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Low Pop Transmog and Pest Control.

My daughter has a gnome priest on a server where the Alliance population is very sparse.  I really hate her outfit, and I think my daughter does, too. Well, here, you take a look and tell me if you would want your character running around in this.

Yeselda playing exterminator in Felwood.
The outfit was too busy for such a short, uh, I mean diminutive person such as Yeselda.  She needed more color, less pattern, and at least a little help matching. I know what my daughter was going for with those shoulders (every shoulder in game is way too big for her!) but they don't match, and the turban doesn't match, and the robe is ugly.  Still, nabbing a minfernal was job number one, so fashion would have to wait.

Rat kill number three hundred and seventy bajillion.
About this time I had added Ironsally to my friends list, since Yeselda is a resident of the Drak'tharon server, just to see if she was around.  She was, out helping someone nab a Qiraji Guardling prior to the great spawn increase of Tuesday, June 25th.  I cried as I told her of my awful luck, that even alone in a zone full of critters I could not get even one minfernal to spawn.  She said this was a magic server, so it should be just another extermination away.  Yeselda believed her, even if I didn't, and continued to dutifully rid Felwood of tainted rats, and a few slimes, and a couple fire elementals, just for good measure.

I'm waiting.  Hurry up with those dishes!

I had been hanging out with Yeselda for at good 3 hours or more, having started around 10:30 PST, when I started to lose interest.  About 2:30, I gave up to go wash dishes, leaving Yeselda sitting in the middle of Shatter Scar Vale with nothing to entertain her but the slow bubble pop noise of the fetid pools and the antics of the tainted rats.  She reached out and turned off the game on her end while I was in the kitchen, and I had to log her back in around 3:30.  Apparently, neglect is the key in getting a minfernal to spawn, because Yeselda only had to kill a few rats and walk a few feet before she ran into one.  He was a poor quality pet, but since she really only wanted him around for company, she was happy.

Better dressed, and out in the shrine with a new friend!

No pet biscuit needed.  That minfernal is bigger than Yeselda all by himself!  I had taken the time before she went traipsing through the goo in Felwood to buy one of the two robes and hats that were on the auction house.  Gloves were easier to find, with four choices available, but shoulders were a problem.  Thankfully, the guild vault had something that would be a decent stand in until something closer in color to the robe should show up somewhere on Drak'tharon.  I like that I can see her face now, and the simpler pattern of the robe makes her look less like a wadded up dish rag and more like the stylish little gnome I knew she was.

In summary, be prepared to kill more than 10 rats waiting for an minfernal to spawn. If you are on a high population server, do it off peak for the best chance of grabbing it when it pops!  Also, if you live on a low pop realm, you might want to do your planning for transmog on WoWhead, then plan to farm, because even though I was lucky enough to find something that matched pretty well, the odds are that there will be nothing in the auction house except for a few stacks of low level crafting materials and a level 15 grey quality set of bracers.

That's all I can stand to post right now.  Sorry I haven't been more regular.  I can't make any promises, mostly because I am sure I will break them if they are anything in the near future.  I can say I have a ticket to Blizzcon, and am reasonably sure that my plumbing and annoying relative problem will be taken care of by then, so count on that at least.  Until then, get some sand between your toes, in Azeroth or on Earth in celebration of summer, and maybe I'll bump into you soon!


Tome of the Ancient said...

I've been checking for word of success. Yay! I'm glad Drak finally came through for you!

And that Yeselda is looking good!

Jeni Morton said...

Thanks, Tome. You weren't on when I finally caught it, and by then I had had my fill of the little pipsqueak! Thanks for stopping by!

Matty said...

"leaving Yeselda sitting in the middle of Shatter Scar Vale with nothing to entertain her but the slow bubble pop noise of the fetid pools and the antics of the tainted rats."

This tickled me beyond belief.

And now we know it was my sorry fanny Tome was helping.

Jeni Morton said...

:) I love the game music, but sometimes the environmental effects are so much better!

I'm so glad you stopped by, Matty!

Marcus Wheeler said...
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