Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Screenshots with Dialogue.

Storm brewing over Stormstout Brewery.
I guess the popular description for what I have been doing in WoW is faffing.  From reading it in other posts and looking it up on the internet, I get the meaning of faffing to be basically doing a lot but not really getting anywhere doing it.  I have a relative or friend somewhere I heard call it fiddle farting around, which is pretty much exactly what I have been doing in game.  There is just so much to do in game right now, and I am still working until Wednesday this coming week, so my time in game, though not severely limited, is really broken up by kids needing taxi service, maid service, cook service, and psychotherapy. They are already out of school for the summer, and my seven year old is already bored out of her mind.  My teenagers are like that storm above, ready to break but waiting for just the right time.  My guess is that Thursday will be the day I throw them all out to the curb and lock the door to save my sanity.  Let it rain outside.  I'm on vacation!

Don't let the peaceful look fool you.
Cross realm Darkmoon Faire is very festive and busy.  I love it!  Say what you will about kill stealing and resource hogs, cross realm zones are alive and take me back to when I first started playing.  I'm not so much into leveling new characters anymore *cough* saved Pandalones on a server yesterday, don't judge me *cough*, so when I do I like having other players around in the world, moving in unpredictable ways and doing things that aren't governed by a program.  It makes me feel less alone when I am off on my own, faffing.

Because owls are cool.
While flying to Silithus to go finish farming for my Vestments of the Oracle, I stopped to dig up artifacts in the Ruins of Eldre'thar.  Such a neat area full of lore, if you just hang out and read the conversations happening all around you.  The ruins are full of ghostly high elves (in night elf form) talking about and enacting events that happened in the time when Azshara was courting demons from the Burning Legion.  It is a pretty regular dig site for me, and I always eavesdrop when I dig there.

Carlatta of Cenarius in her new gear.
I have the shoulders and belt for this transmog set, but I decided I liked the dragons from the crafted PvP set better, so they stay.  She finally hit 90 (I guess that means not all my time was frittered away doing nothing), and she is working on gear.  I love that the increased reputation gain crossed over servers, as I thought that was only for the server you originally purchased it on.  Hoorah for not having to work so hard at leveling a reputation on more time!  She got to revered with the Klaxxi in one day of questing.  If I hadn't cut her off, she would still be down there with the bugs, dancing and wearing the crown of shame for hitting Exalted with a race that, frankly, really only tolerates her for her very limited skill set.

That is not all I have been doing, but I have another post coming really quickly on the heels of this one.  I just couldn't bear to let those screenshots sit and grow stale in their folder on my computer.  Hope your time in Azeroth has been more productive, or at least as fun, as mine.  Here's hoping I run into some of you in the world!

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