Thursday, June 27, 2013

Draw Something Too!

I have been a little addicted to Draw Something 2 lately, as I am limited to how much time I can spend upright.  Warning, I am not the artist that some people playing this game are, but I can generally get my point across, which is the point of the game, right?  Here, because I like to post lots of pictures in my posts, is some of my art work (the term art is thrown in there for fun, because I draw like a 3rd grade kid with dull crayons).

Before I had a lot of colors.

They didn't guess this one.  
Maybe the arrow wasn't necessary.

Pretty elementary, huh?  So, do you want to play with me?  My user name is plastered all over those screenshots, but in case it is too small to see, I play as ShawndraKai (just like my Twitter handle).  Come Draw Something with me!  I swear I'm getting better at this.  See?

I drew this last night.


Luxypie said...

Those are great! I love the unicorn! So cute!

I was so addicted to that game! I am awful but I spent a lot of time on each one :D

I've had a lot of people who just wrote the word... and some of those were misspelled!

Navimie said...

Shawndra I love that unicorn and the Mr Potato head made me laug!

Matty said...

Why is Mr. Potato Head being haunted by a giant paperclip?

OH.....that's not a paperclip.....PEELER OF DOOOOM!