Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crawling Through Celestia

My favorite spell.
Rowan and I have been slowly, painfully working our way through Celestia.  I don't level at the pace most do, and any friends I have on my friends list, excluding real life friends, have forgotten who I am by the time I log in next.  So, this means a lot of solo work.  The mobs in Celestia are pretty tough, and until I started stacking my deck with damage and weeding out a bunch of superfluous healing spells (Rebirth, I'm talking about you, and Unicorn, you too), my time was spent running back from the base camp gathering health and mana blobs.

So, I threw out my fire spells.  What?!  Rowan is a life wizard with fire as a secondary, and doesn't have that fantastic neck piece that allows her to use her power pips for fire spells.  So, when I have 4 power pips, I really don't enjoy using a fire spell and wasting the potential for a second spell.  Instead, I stacked her with blades and traps, the max amount of each of her heavier hitting damage spells (yay for Centaur and Seraph), and cut my heal spells down to two of each that were most efficient (Satyr, Sprite and Regenerate), and pretty much said goodbye to the rest.  I still know them, they're just not in my rotation. Those finny baddies started falling really fast!  Well, the first quest went by quickly due to a mass port to my location by a group of people who were probably just trying to figure out who I was, and it was painful for one in that I had no healing spells when he expired during the first few hits of a fight.  They ported away shortly after I had closed in on the last few teeth needed for a quest, but by then my strategy was set and the rest of the quests were much easier.

Bad Dog...s?
You can almost make out the boss I am working on under Orthrus chin.  Here is a better picture of him.

He was a fun fight full of large, colorful spells.  I made it through pretty easily, and moved through the quests to kill Selwyn Skywatcher, a weird alien looking creature, after that. After a few more quests, none harder than a puzzle or a fetch and carry, Rowan was sent to the surface.  Ahh, fresh air!

What next?
There is where I left Rowan, standing perplexed in front of totems that looked like platypus people.  She is supposed to gather something from some water elementals.  We'll get back to that soon.  Right now, I think she has earned a little rest from the rigors of underwater fighting.  Nothing better than the tropical clime to warm up cold, brine soaked bones!

Have you been travelling the Spiral?  Leave me a note below and tell me about it!  I'd love to hear of some other far away worlds!

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