Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Awesome People Deserve Props!

Three Mounts - One Night

He'll probably never read this, but Worgenlock, you're awesome.  He's been letting me tag along while he collects his dinosaur bones to get pets and I got an egg a few days back.  It hatched into a red primal raptor,  which is way cool!  Then, after the hatching was over, he persuaded me to try Sartharion (25) 3D, and we did it, and I got the Twilight Drake!  Before that, we did the timed Zul'Aman run and I got the war bear he is riding in this picture.  Three mounts!  He was up for trying for a blue drake, or even smacking Onyxia around, but I am really tired.  So, goodnight Azeroth and Earth.  Catch you tomorrow.

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Navimie said...

It's great having such nice friends :) You are fortunate indeed! But your'e not half bad yourself Shawndra /grin