Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breaking Promises

I promised myself I would update this blog more this summer. I promised the kids that I would take them to the beach this summer. I promised my daughter that we would go to the library this summer. I promised myself that I would catch up on all the cleaning I put off during the school year this summer. I promised my family I would prepare meals more often this summer. I promised.....

I cannot remember how long ago I posted about an unwelcome aunt who wouldn't go home and plumbing work that was waiting to be done. These issues resurfaced just before summer vacation started, requiring me to call off for the rest of the school year( a whole day and a half early!). They also caused me to cancel a Princess House party (sorry if anyone was looking forward to it). Now, these problems are causing me to cancel in game plans in favor of jury-rigging the plumbing and railing at Flo for overstaying her welcome.

I'm so tired of waiting. Curse you, plumbers who have waiting lists months long!  Curse you, Flo, who should at least go home and take care of your cats and own house for a week to give me a break. Curse summer, for never letting me really have that vacation that you were the reason for. Curse you, tiny house, exploding with laundry, dishes, and edgy, hormonal teenagers. I must be cursed, or how else would I explain not being able to keep all these easy to keep promises?


Pando Miller said...

Gratz on nabbing ur minfernal!

Jeni Morton said...

Thanks, Pando! I am so happy to finally be done with Felwood. It's so creepy!