Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun With Friends!

The last few days I have been spending quality time with people I love to play with.  I "saved" a friend from big mean Hordies, ran a heroic dungeon with another, and ran LFR with my guildies.

Even Redridge is more beautiful with friends.

Sunday, Adoree was leveling a panda in Redridge when a rogue at least 4 times her level decided to make her leveling not so fun.  She is more than capable of helping herself and already had a few friends out tracking the guy.  I stepped in to be bait, in my blues and greens.  Who knew the guy wasn't 90 yet?  I guess he got what he had coming.  After killing him about 3 times, he sapped me once more time and we didn't see him again, though we did manage to kill a shaman a couple of times.

Tuesday, when Delgada logged in, she was invited by Recksaw(of Shu'halo) to kill the Sha in a cross realm group. I cannot describe just how awful that fight *cough* ahem two fights were.  Still, she got her bag of gold. She then decided that that the Barrens weekly would be just what she needed to wash the bad taste from her mouth. After escorting a caravan, killing a lieutenant, and looking around for a harpy youngling, Recksaw begged Delgada to heal for a group that was killing the summoned elites on the Isle of Thunder.  Since the patch, I haven't updated my healing add on, so I was target healing, until I threw up my hands in frustration and finished out the fight atonement style.  I got a treasure key and a green and some coin, then had to make my way back to where I had been summoned from. In between caravan guarding and resource farming, I ran some of the lower tier raids in LFR with my guildies.  I don't think I mentioned the exodus from Void Where Prohibited that landed me in a new guild, Guardians of Cerberus.  Anyhow, Cleocatra, Byakkoshishi, and Chainlvabull hung out with Delgada in LFR, where she gained a few more sigils and a few sha crystals.

Not too long after Byakko and I returned to the Barrens, she stepped away to grab some food. A harpy finally spawned.  By then, I had left our guild Ventrilo to hang out with a friend from the meetup group, and it took so long to get her back from Orgrimmar to tame the silly thing.  There should be an emote that you can throw out in guild or over a whisper that beeps or toots loud enough to get someone's attention!  Back in my friend Justsuckit's ventrilo server, I had put Delgada back in her farm house and pulled out Halinka to try and get her some upgrades.  Sadly, our meetup group is very Alliance heavy, so if I want to do anything with them I really need to get Halinka geared up!  I ran a couple of heroics while they were in LFR, and then before I logged for the evening we ran one more heroic.  It was a lot of fun, and a lot of nothing dropped for my little draenei.  Still, there were points and reputation earned, so it wasn't a complete waste.  I am hoping to get the Barrens quest line started with her today and maybe even get a Sha kill for her, even though I'll be getting boots for both. Maybe she'll get lucky and be able to upgrade a piece with the mojo from her weekly quest!

Anyhow, that is what is going on here in the hot, dry desert.  School is almost done for the year, which means I should have more time to update this fusty old blog.  Slap on some sunscreen, and I'll see you in Azeroth, or on the 10th at 7 pm at Jose's in Redlands for the Inland Empire WoW players Meetup (hint hint).  Take care!

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Navimie said...

Sounds like a great time you had with all your wow buddies :) I think most of the fun in game comes with playing with your friends anyway rather than a new kill or boss or achievement because even if you didn't succeed you still had fun.