Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wizard 101 Giveaway!

Getting rid of my ugly helm.

Mrs. Greyrose liked my last post so much she gave me two codes good for one extra castle space and a Red Barn Farm house.  If you love gardening or just really like life on the farm, this house is for you!  What I mean to say is, I'm not keeping the codes for myself, but giving them away.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your schoolmates, tell your coworkers, tell your garbage man, tell your plumber, tell everyone about this giveaway!  I'll be giving the codes away, one to a commenter on this post, and one to a follower of my Twitter feed (@shawndrakai) who sends a tweet my way.  Tell me, why do you want the house?  Or, how will you decorate it?  Even better yet, what plants will you plant on your farm?  I will post the winners to both Twitter and my blog on Saturday, May 25th.

Writing the housing post made me stick my nose back into Wizard 101, and there were some new things there!  I didn't show even half of them in this video, so I may make another with my husband's character so we can see what the boys have available, and to see what new pets and mounts can be had.  I am excited to finally finish Celestia with Rowan and see the other worlds that have been released.  I have many new pets and wizards to level, houses to buy and decorate, and gardens to tend. So much to do!  See you in The Spiral!


Triple L said...

I don't really want the red barn farm because I'm not really into gardening that much. But I would really love an additional castle space elixir because one can never have too many houses :D!

Chris DeathHeart said...

I really want this house for a lot of reasons,
-More Space
-My Evil Magma Peas/Couch Potatoes
-My Plants Will Love it

Jeni Morton said...

I waited an extra day hoping someone would be hanging out waiting. Guess not! Congrats, you two. If you see this, email me @ shawndrakai at gmail dot com so I can send a reply with your codes. Each of you get the farm and an elixir!