Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I'm Working On At 80.

Halinka is 80 now, so now comes the time to get money, reputation, and gear. She was fortunate to get into a Heroic Vault of Archavon and a Heroic Obsidian Sanctum on the very day she hit 80. No, she wasn't wearing greens, but everyone else was so well geared, it made her look like she was. She got a nice pair of healing gloves out of the run, and some tokens to spend later. The next day, she started finishing zones. First, she finished Grizzly Hills, then moved on to finish a few group quests in Dragonblight, then it was off to Zul'Drak to work on that zone. She was there for two grueling days. Have I mentioned that Zul'Drak is my least favorite zone? Yes, my banner image is part of a screenshot from that zone, but I took it for the colors. I love the color of the zone, but the area creeps me out. After Halinka got past the feed the zombies quests and defeated Drakuru, the rest of the zone was a cake walk.

So, Halinka is now hanging out in K3, sometimes disguised as a Vrykul, giving her poor gryphon serious back pain. She's about halfway to the gold needed for her first epic flying mount, having purchased the skill just after finishing Zul'Drak. Her daily routine? Cooking and Fishing quests in Dalaran, then Kaluak until she gets tired of the travel between cities (she averages about 2 every day), then off to Sholazar to spend time with her fishy friends. They let her have her first egg to incubate yesterday! After Sholazar, where the yellow dots on her mini map frequently distract her, she heads for Storm Peaks. By then, she is heartily bored of questing, and unloads all the extra stuff into a crate and sends it to her bank to hopefully profit from, then stands until either a quest catches her eye or someone asks her to run something.

I think today, as I fly Halinka to K3, I will join the Looking for Group channel and hope someone whisks me away from the Sons of Hodir quest line. I just hope that Minya, my hunter bank alt, has made enough money to make up the difference and get me a faster mount. (crossing fingers)

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