Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bloodthistle Addiction

Yeah, I use the stuff, but what blood elf magic user doesn't. I keep a leaf or three in my pouch all the time. I don't use a lot. I'm a priest, I have principles. My friend, Aesirla, ordered a salad of the petals with a splash of vinaigrette the other day. It might not have been so bad, but it was a meal sized salad, not just an appetizer. When we left the restaurant, it was all she could do to keep from turning her hawkstrider into turkey dinner. I only use it when I need a boost. You know how it is. You're in the field, you feel drained, like you can't heal another rogue, or you can't smite another plague infested lynx. So you take a nip. Noone hides it out here. Remember when we disciplined those two apprentices for drowning Antheol's musty old tome? That pouch he gave as a "reward" was his old herb bag. Magister's Pouch, hah! More like dime bag. Seriously. We all do it here.

We didn't always lean on herbs for a boost. When the Sunwell was still around, we just drank the power in from the air. The "smell" was heavenly, and the feeling, well it sure didn't send me int0 withdrawals. We had it pretty good for a while, when those "blood knights" had that Naaru in captivity. Stealing the power to heal sounds horrible, I know. Those paladin were the bad guys, I was just taking a little here and there. All I did was grab the radiant beams when the Naaru had a hot flash. They sat around and channeled the power out of him. Nibbling a little bud doesn't seem so bad, considering the alternative means sucking the last bit of power from a dying source. Now all we have to work with are stale leftovers and rogue leylines.

So, yeah, I am addicted to bloodthistle. At least I'm not passed out drunk like that guy outside the inn. Go pick on someone else.

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