Monday, August 10, 2009

Goblins and Worgen, Oh My!

Since the leak of the new races for the Cataclysm expansion, I have been searching for a suitable name for each, as I will definitely want at least one of each. I'm an altaholic. It's what I do. So, my first search was for Goblin names. I came up with a couple notable sites. Mentioned in a post on the Warhammer Alliance forums (apparently a division of Curse), there was a link to this site. I know it was meant for Squeeg Herders, but some of the combinations sounded promising for male Goblins. Here is a list that contains some for both Goblins (called Gobblely), and Worgen (called Wolfen), with separate lists for each gender, and a section for surnames and titles. For Worgen, Greywolf's World of Warcraft site has a nice bit of lore and some names are listed with the article. If you need to bone up on your worgen lore, this is a prime spot.

For me, this wasn't enough. Going with the trend I have seen in female Goblin names in game, I think I have hit on a decent name, and it is saved, so Smolderthorn, too bad! Her name will be Bittsee. As for her surname, if anyone has to ask, they will be told it is Emptypockets. Why? Because, like all my other characters on Smolderthorn, she will be continually broke. For the Worgen, I had to dig a little deeper. Shadowsong, Chienne is taken. It's French for !@#$&, or, in kinder terms, a female dog. For her surname, I may have to wait and see what the expansion has in store. I doubt Chienne is of the Pyrewood Moonrage, and I don't see her fitting into the Terrowolf clan. She may be of the Nightbane. I want to see what tribe or tribes are introduced in the Cataclysm.

Now comes the class decision. On the Horde side, I don't have a druid or a death knight. I have a mage and a warlock that I don't play. I'm wondering if it is because they aren't the right race. Goblins aren't druidic in nature, but I can see them as a caster class. I'm not sure I would want a Goblin death knight. So that leaves the mage or the warlock. I would hate to reroll the warlock, as she got her mounts the old fashioned way, and I believe that is a feat of strength. The mage is a resurrection, and was leveled with recruit a friend granted levels. Gwenna would probably end up buried in the graveyard again to make room for Bittsee. On the Alliance side of the fence, I have more options. The only serious character I have is Halinka, with a close second being my hunter bank character who is at 29. I speculate that Worgen would be damage classes, like a rogue, hunter, mage, warlock, and perhaps even a death knight. I can't see them in a tanking class, but I suppose it is possible for Worgen to be a warrior as well. That idea in mind, I think I would like my Worgen to be a rogue. What class more suited to sneak attacks and damage output?

Other things come to mind with this announcement.

  • Will Chienne show her armor pieces? My thought is that in form she won't, but she could shift to Human form to show it off. Which has me wondering, do I get to pick her Worgen and her Human looks, or just one? If I had to choose, I would pick the Worgen and hope for the best in Human form. Maybe it will be like the druid forms. Hair color will correspond to coat color.
  • Will goblins give Bittsee a discount, or punish her for picking a side? A friend of mine suggested that if all Goblins turned to Horde, that the Consortium would make a good replacement for them. I agree, though I cannot believe that Booty Bay or Ratchet will ever be anything like the bustling neutral marketplace I love without Goblins at the helm. These would have to be a splinter faction of Goblins, quite like the Worgen will be the "nice" Worgen.
  • Will Bittsee be able to grind Goblin faction at an increased rate? Will she start at friendly instead of neutral? Will Bittsee be able to become a Bloodsail Buccaneer?
  • Has Blizzard been preparing us for these two new races? The Alliance nabbed a Goblin and his airship to do their bombing of the enemy fleet at sea in Northrend, and he is none to pleased with this. The Alliance also unknowingly started helping a village of Worgen, then almost give a horse a heart attack trying to flee their town when they hear what they are. Are the Worgen in this village really bad, or just misunderstood? The Horde does not get involved with the Worgen, except to kill them off. The Horde has always had Goblin zeppelin crew. Goblin towns are closer to Horde towns than Alliance(Mostly. I know there are no Horde towns in Winterspring). Maybe Blizzard has always had this in mind. So many ideas, only so much you can put into each expansion.
  • Goblin racials. The primary thought to this will always be a modifier to money gained. I'm pretty sure Blizzard will not do this, but there is another way. Goblins are much like Humans, as they get along with damned near everyone. Perhaps a reputation gain modifier as a passive trait would be in order. Call it Finagle. "Goblins finagle their way into your good graces as quickly as they can in order to get to your coin pouch faster." Another goblin racial could be a "Small but Mighty" trait. "Goblins get an x% increase to the stat most critical to their chosen class." I think of this mostly because of the Booty Bay guards, who still kick the snot out of me at level 80. Lastly, when I think Goblin, I think engineering. I think a plus amount to engineering skill, or an increase to bomb damage would be a good trait. For an on use trait, I read on the Scrolls of Lore forums that someone thinks they should have a poison/disease resist. I'd like to take this further by making it a mini cleanse, with a cooldown similar to other racial abilities. "Goblin Fortitude. Removes one disease or poison effect."
  • Worgen racials. My husband has come up with many bad traits. Vulnerability to silver. Can be skinned. Afraid of fire. What about traits that would make me want to play the class? The Scrolls of Lore forums again have an insightful discussion going on this subject, with many great ideas. A poisonous bite as a racial? I like that idea. A howl that decreases the opposing mobs hit rating? Fantastic. Maybe a haste buff, similar to the orc's Bloodfury could be in order. They would have to have shape shifting, as that is what makes this race believable (to me). A passive boost to skinning and leatherworking? I can see the skinning, maybe. I don't see Worgen taking their time after mauling a creature to carefully tuck away the skin for later. Cannibalism, on the other hand, makes sense, but on a broader scale that includes beasts. A passive boost to movement speed is discussed, and I like that idea. A bonus to unarmed skill comes to mind (while in form), being that all the Worgen I have fought have clawed me into ribbons.
That's allI have for today. Any thoughts? Post your comment, or link your blog post, below. I am all for some more thought provoking banter on this subject.


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What a cute name "Bittsee" ! Did you use two t's because it was taken with one or is there some double meaning I am not getting ha :)