Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me, In NPC Form.

One of the blogs I follow, Letters from Birdfall, suggested I think about what I would like to be, immortalized as a non player character. I have a few options, being an altaholic, but I could only think of one.

Shawndra would be found fishing in Wintergrasp, because that's where the good fishing is! There would be a campfire with a spit turning over it, a basket like the Tuskarr supplies are kept in next to her feet. She would be lounging on a fishing chair, fishing hat tipped low over her eyes, pole eternally cast in the icy blue water. She would be irritated for being bothered, but offer a quest to run and fetch 2 fishing lures for her. The fish are not biting, so they would need to bring the best fishing lures available, aquadynamic fish attractors. As a reward, they would receive a fish dish, cooked to their tastes. The choices would be Dalaran Clam Chowder(7), Spicy Blue Nettlefish(5), Poached Northern Sculpin(5), or Firecracker Salmon(5). Flavor text should they come back before completing the quest? "Shawndra puts down her pole and fingers a dagger with an old, blood stained handle. It looks pretty sharp. You decide to hurry off and get what she asked for." When quest window is closed, you hear her laugh quietly as you leave.

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