Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's All Wrong!

The more I play Halinka, the less I enjoy playing Delgada. Why? Because she is all wrong! Halinka has everything she wants. She is loved by many. She has mounts and the skill to ride them. Delgada, though she has lots of pets and some very cool toys, is pretty unpopular with most factions, and is having a terrible time scraping together the money for epic flight training.

I know this hunter who reaches a certain point after max level and considers the game over for that hunter. He then ships the wealth on to his next hunter and starts over. I think I finally understand him. Delgada, rest well. I won't be so cruel as to delete you, just yet. Have you met Olinari? She will do this job right. Factions taken care of at appropriate levels, earning her own money, and collecting toys as she levels. You can still come out to heal, and do holiday stuff. As soon as Olinari hits that magic number, your days are few. You might want to start packing.

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