Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Cast Sequence Is A Lie!

I think I mentioned it before, but I'm going to mention it again, mostly for my own benefit. There really is no cast sequence for a shadow priest. Sure there is the start up phase where you throw up all the dots you have and then hit mind blast and mind flay, then refresh the dots so they gain the benefit of your shadow weaving buff. But, after that, it is really just making sure your dots are up, and that you use your nukes when they are off cool down, filling in with mind flay where needed.

Why do I mention this again? Because I have been having a horrible time with my dps lately. Halinka, with almost 1600 extra spell power, was doing 12-13k dps, with buffs. Why was she failing so miserably? Well, part of it might have been spec, which was very mana conservative. If you click her link now you will see her updated spec, which is pretty fabulous, in my opinion. The other thing hampering her dps was a silly idea that she could find a macro to make her spell rotation easier. Phooey. Anyone that says they have a magic macro that can solve all your dps problems will only be helping if your previous attempts at shadow dps were the equivalent of wanding things to death. I should smack myself for even trying it.

Spec squared away, and gear all set right, buttons reordered and nasty macros tossed aside, I screenshot the results after leaving the dummies in Ironforge (not the players, the practice dummies!).
1761. That's unbuffed, folks. I think I will now go back to Delgada and fix her, and play with the dummies in Silvermoon.

Not the blood elf guys. The Training Dummies. Geez. I'm sure none of them want to date my avatar. Besides, it's a known fact that they are happiest when preening in front of a mirror. I'll try not to get in their way.


Anonymous said...

How often do you use Shadow Word death?, I would love to stick it back in my spell rotation, but the smart people who have worked out the maths say it shouldnt be.. I noticed that you have the Glyph which would have benifited us more in BC when we were using the spell on cool down..

If your dps is low in a raid/heroic look at getting the Mindflay glyph, I know there is a debate about us having to glyph for the extra distance, but because its refreshing your Swp and is a key spell for your mindflay glyph - that extra distance means you position your self earlier, and do less running away from bad things ( and more time to see a mob running at you to dump agro) - just an idea. :P

Shawndra said...

@pugnaciouspriest I use Shadow Word: Death on cool down. To switch glyphs and try your method is cheap enough, so I'm gonna give it a whirl :)

Thanks for the tips, and for stopping by :)