Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Fear The Cooldown.

I was in a group about a week or more ago, knocking out group quests in Dragonblight, when just before a fight I dispersed to gain some mana instead of sitting and drinking. The kid next to me promptly says,"What are you doing? Do you know that has a 3 minute cool down?" To me, it was just a quick fill up to help speed things along. To him, it was a really big thing.

How many times do you stop before using an ability and think,"Hey, maybe I should wait and use that on something else?" I do sometimes, usually while in instance groups or raids. But its not as frequent as it used to be. If I were always saving the cooldown on my shadow fiend for just the right time, I would hardly ever use him. I like my shadow fiend. He's purple and he has the same aura as I do, and he is pretty tough. I let him tank a couple of group quest bosses while I was soloing today. If I could name him, his name would be George. I like to see him more often than the random boss fight. I also like to change into a big pouffy cloud of purple mana and shadow more often than when it is absolutely needed. And those nifty angel wings I can give to enhance healing that keep me from being labeled the worst healer ever? I use them as often as possible when grouped. I'm glyphed so that, if it doesn't save my butt from the horrible healer tag, I get to use it again in a minute. Too cool for words. That, and the angel wings are so neat!

Moral of the story? Loosen up! Run around while questing and use that nifty spell whenever it tickles your fancy. Whip out your Fire Elemental to take out a critter if you want. Make those cooldown savers have a mini heart attack. When you've finished demonstrating your prowess, waste another cooldown. You'll be glad you did. Just make sure your resurrect spell is off cooldown. That poor mage just keeled over because of your silly wastefulness of cooldowns!


Kirei said...

"I'll love him and pet him and feed him and I'll name him 'George'."

:D I remember when I was lower levels and my cool downs were a big no no. My logic? "What if I really really need it in the next 3 min... I'll be sorry." /shrug. I'm over it now. I pop my pretty shadowy cloud for the fun of it and run around people. What? You mean not everyone does that?

Shawndra said...

@Kirei I found a neat way of freaking people out with my pretty pouffy shadow cloud...

Mount up and disperse. I was in Zul'Aman with a few guildies running between bosses. I needed mana, so when I got on my zhevra, I dispersed. Our tank asks, "Shawndra, did you just turn into a unicorn?" I almost died laughing.

Kirei said...

Ha! I really need to do that. I remember popping my cloud in front of a friend. He's 80 and raids often.

"What did you just do?"
"You just turned into a wisp?"
"Oh, it's dispersion."
"...and it turns you into a wisp?"

I <3 him.

candy said...

hehe I love dispersion and pop it whenever. that 3 minutes goes past faster than you think; and you still have your shadowfiend anyhow.

Shawndra said...

@Candy and my shadowfiend can come out to play more often because I got the talent :)

George is awesome. Did I mention what a great tank he is? What a guy!

windpaw said...

My guess is that anyone that concerned about cool-downs has had some bad PvP experiences...probably world PvP.

Back before I wimped out and moved to an RP sever (ducks) I was *very* careful about blowing cooldowns because - as murphy would have it - some bad guy would promptly show up and make me wish I hadn't.

Shawndra said...

@windpaw Yeah, I live on a PvP server. At least, my horde priestess does. There is really only one cooldown I am afraid to use.